Emoji Planet Slots

Emoji Planet is categorized as a video slot with a higher probability of lightening up your day. The video slot also rivets the theme and entertains. Planet emoji game was introduced first in 2017 by the Swedish software developer known as NetEnt, whose name was inspired by icon we send daily. Cartoonish symbols that appear on the reel sometimes turn out to be alike for many maven slots. Graphics used are high, and the colors are exceptionally garnished, which makes the Emoji Planet game very eye-catching.

More about the RTP value

Emoji Plane has proven to be a rewarding video and enthralling with the total five features. With as little as $0.20 up to $200, Emoji Planet has an RTP of up to 96.48%. An oddity conducted on the game on its feature, also called cluster pays, is an indication that an individual collects five identical signs either horizontally or vertically to win the game.


Emoji Planet is both 6-row video slots and five reel slots based on the games cluster pay, a sign that they are on pay lines either fixed or any pay lines. However, the cascade symbols starting from the top to the bottom of the screen, in order of how they were collected, the respective player will hit the combo hit.


Ata the same time, Emoji Planet have wild feature. This feature can change within all other symbols within the game. Provided these slots do not have a scatter symbol, the wild symbol can quickly transform into the symbols; hence, generating the best combos for winning. Wild symbols are known to be the best paying cluster according to the paytable.


Avalanche feature on Emoji takes place whenever the new symbols fall automatically into the reel. Thus, for a player to achieve a cluster win, the Emojis avalanche will automatically happen as the winning symbol will explode or disappear. The explosion creates another space for another flood to take place; hence, increasing the player’s chance to win the game again. This process will keep repeating itself until there is no more combo left for winning.

Emoji Feature

Emoji feature slots that are a charming and profitable aspect of the game. There are five different emoji features, which include pizza emoji, bomb emoji, rocket emoji, two heart emoji, and kiss mark emoji. Each of the emojis features has its own respective corresponding emoji meter, which fills’ up speedy by only one each time an emoji is destroyed.

The process of activating the emoji feature

For every bar meter, there is their unique feature, which creates 12 different spaces that are filled. The sticker on each meter indicates the number of times the meter involved was filled up. This meter resets itself from 0 each time the game ends. Even though, if a player managed to fill at least 2 meters within the same time, the feature will activate the emoji feature automatically according to the order. First, the Bomb feature will appear followed by the Pizza feature, then Kiss mark feature, and finally the two-heart functionality.
Immediately after bomb feature is formed, eight other random symbols on the reel are demolished along with a random coin from five to a hundred times rewarded for each symbol destroyed. Among the wild symbols, the sticky symbols are immune from the destruction.
In Pizza feature, an overlay of 3×3 of any other symbol on reel chosen to create a winning streak. For the kiss mark, three different sticky wilds are created randomly represented by heat wild. Rocket feature involves ten wilds stacks that appear on any of the reels. Hence it creates a winning combination instantly. Two hearts feature takes place when no other winning combination emoji is left. This is the last and the hardest winning bonus left to activate.


In conclusion, Emoji Planet is a volatility online medium slot that has an RTP of up to 96%. A player can win up to 5000 times each player stakes and per spin. As much as the Emoji planet might be complicated at the beginning, once you try it and understand its concept, the game becomes more enjoyable and more comfortable. Apart from that, Emoji’s potential is enormous, even though several features and excellent graphics are specially designed to help you enjoy the experience.

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