How to get Minecraft Capes

December 12, 2022

How to get Minecraft Capes

You may be wondering how you can get Minecraft caps. There are rumors, whispers that there is a mythical piece cloth that adorns top Minecraft players' shoulders. Legends tell of a multitude of Minecraft caps that were given out to the fortunate few over the years. Capes can also alter the appearance of Minecraft Elytra (the magical wings found in end-ships), as they share the same space on a player's back. It's no surprise that Minecraft capes are highly sought after, but it has been difficult to find them.

Each year, a new design and colour was given to those who attended any Minecon event prior to Minecon Earth 2017. Rarer are the personal caps that are given to people in recognition of their achievements. Reddit user U/billyk_ received a turtle cape for suggesting that Mojang add turtles to Minecraft.

If you are unable to come up with a suggestion that is as good as turtles or can time travel back in time to Minecons past, you won't be able to get any of these Minecraft capses in the Java edition. They are more common in the Bedrock version because there are many skin packs available in the Marketplace. You can get a cape for free by using Minecraft mods. However, it will only be visible to your face. The Java edition only has one available Minecraft cape, so continue reading to learn how to get it.

Migrate your account to get a Minecraft cape

Mojang announced in a blog post that all Minecraft Java Edition accounts will be migrated from Mojang to Microsoft. This is a mandatory change. If you don't make the switch when it comes time, you won't be allowed to play Minecraft until you use the launcher.

However, if you log in to Minecraft with your Microsoft account, you will unlock a shiny new cape. Mojang does not automatically create new Minecraft accounts.

This Mojang blog post explains how to do it.

How to activate Minecraft caps

You can equip your official Minecraft cape before you launch a game if you have one. Your capes Bedrock caps are only available for that version. The same applies to any capes you earn in Minecraft Java version.

Open the app and click on the button to access the Dressing Room from your main menu. Next, click on the tab to the left with a red cape and the Mojang logo. This will display all available capes. Click on one to equip.

To get the Java version, open the Launcher and click Minecraft: Java Edition on each tab to the left. You will see a number of options, including Skins. To see all your skins, click this option. You can edit an existing skin or create a new one from this page. You can view all of your officially-available capes by clicking on the option to choose Skin File.

Minecraft mods allow you to make a cape.

What if your avatar needs a cape and you don't want to pay for the free migration cape? You can make your own cape with mods. Mods such as the Advanced Capes Mod make it possible to obtain any of the most sought-after capes in the game, or any cape that you can imagine.

A caveat is that other players on multiplayer Minecraft servers will not be able see your cape unless they have the same mods. Waiting for official Mojang capes to be given to you as your account migrates is the best way to get capes everyone can see.

This is all you need to know about how to get a cool Minecraft cape. If you want to add some style to your outfit, these are the best Minecraft skins that we have found. Or you could go all out with a complete suit of Minecraft Netherite armour. For more information on Minecraft The Wild, check out our Minecraft The Wild guide.