Intouch Games Affiliate Program

Looking for an affiliate program that can help make some extra cash? Intouch Games could be your winning move.

What is the Intouch Affiliate Program?

The Intouch Games affiliate program is a commission-based program for all Intouch games. This includes:

  • mFortune
  • Pocket Win
  • Mr Spin
  • Dr Slot

As you can see, the program covers a wide range of different casino games, which means it could be quite unlikely there isn’t something for one of your readers here.

How Does the Program Work?

If you are familiar with other casino affiliate programs, there will be no surprises with the Intouch program. By signing up as a partner (which is free) you are able to market the gaming site, and make money for any referrals that are a result of that!
You can market Intouch Games wherever you think makes sense to you. The most common form is through either a blog or website, but social media marketing is another very effective means.
Depending on how many new people sign up for Intough Games (through your referral link), you will get a commission cut from the revenue generated through these new players. Just remember these players need to make an initial deposit to be considered a referral.
Your success if Intouch Games success, so they will provide you with various tools and tips to help get you started.
While there’s never a guarantee that you will hit the jackpot with these affiliate programs, if you are willing to put in the time – they can definitely pay off!

The Payoff

As with all affiliate programs, the commission is determined based on a sliding scale. The Intough Games scale has both a wide range and is incredibly competitive. You can make anywhere from 20 – 45% revenue share!
The base rate is 25% for up to 10 referrals per month. The top revenue generator are those that refer 101+ players a month – and they bring home a big whopping 45%! You can view the full commission break down here.
It is also important to note that Intouch Games does not have any negative carry over – meaning if a referred player has major winnings – it will not be impacting your commission cut.

Payment Details

Intouch Games prides themselves on their reputation, and with that comes a timely payment, that is available on the 16th of each month. 
The minimum payout threshold is £100, which is very reasonable and standard across the programs. However for all non-UK residents, the minimum payout threshold is £400.
When you receive the payout it will be deposited into the method you choose when you sign up for the program. It is not incredibly clear on the site what these payout methods are, but it looks like Skrill and credit cards are their main payout methods.

Intouch Games Affiliate Summary

When it comes to affiliate programs, everything is pretty standard and run of the mill here. The wide selection of games and sites that you can promote for is a great selling feature as you will likely find more players that are interested.
Their marketing tools and tips are incredibly helpful and give you all the information you need to know to get started.
If you have the time to put into it – I would say it is worth a shot!