Jackpot City Casino Review


With new online casinos opening up across the internet every single month, it can be a difficult and time consuming process to keep track of all of them and to determine which ones are trustworthy options with great games that are worth playing at. Many of these new casinos are great choices that offer exciting games and high payouts, but some of them are scams attempting to take advantage of new users. But what about the Jackpot City online casino? Is it a legitimate casino, or a disappointing scam?

We have extensively researched the Jackpot City mobile casino and looked at a wide range of Jackpot city online casino review pieces from real customers in order to put together the best and most comprehensive Jackpot City mobile casino review possible. Below, you’ll find the results of all of our investigations and research, presented in our Jackpot City casino review. So is this casino worth your time or not? Read on below to find out!

What is Jackpot City Casino?

Jackpot City is one of the longest running and best respected online casinos in the world of online gambling casinos. This well established place to play games online was launched all the way back in 1998, giving it more than 20 years of expertise in the world of online casino games. No online casino can last for that long without doing something right and offering exciting features, and Jackpot City has won the Best of Online Gaming award several times in the last 20 years, proving that there’s a lot of worthwhile things going on with the Jackpot City online casino.

There are many different types of games available from Jackpot City, covering slots, live games, casino table games, bingo, scratchcards and dice games, as well as many other exciting games. No matter what you’re into, Jackpot City should be able to offer something to capture your attention for a while. There are over 500 different games available to play, and all of them are worth checking out.

Jackpot City Casino welcome bonus

The welcome bonus available from the Jackpot City online casino is generous, and is available to all new users opening an account for the first time. They offer a deposit match bonus on the first four deposits of each user, up to a combined maximum bonus amount of $1600. That’s a generous bonus, although it does require four deposits in order to reach that maximum bonus level. There’s a 50x wager requirement on this bonus, as well as a maximum cashout level of 6x your initial deposit amount, but it is still a significant amount of free money for new users. 

There are also frequent bonuses available for continuing customers as well as new customers, with random surprise match bonuses awarded for specific games throughout the week. These tend to be offered for the games that are played less at that time, as the casino tries to incentivize players to try out a game they might not often play otherwise. 

Jackpot City Casino games

The Jackpot City online casino offers over 500 different games for users to choose from, all of which are powered by popular and reliable game development brand Microgaming, known for making some of the best online slots games out there. 

These games include slots, roulette, video poker, blackjack, and many more popular types of online casino game available for users. There are over 300 different online slots games available from Jackpot City, covering a range of classic reel slots, progressive jackpot games, and video slots, including some of the most popular Microgaming slots games out there. There’s also a strong focus on roulette, with a number of fast and responsive games available that can allow you to win a large amount of money relatively quickly. 

One of the game types that Jackpot City specializes in is blackjack. There are standard blackjack games available on this online casino site, as well as a wide range of different variants on this classic game for users who want something different. They offer Pontoon, French, German, Chinese, Vegas Style, and the ever popular Elimination Blackjack variant. 

The video poker section of the Jackpot City online casino site is impressively broad and rewarding, with a free demo version to allow any user who wants to  do so to play for free and try out some of the high end games without having to pay. There are several different online video poker games available, including power poker, level up games, and both single and multi hand poker games. All of these feature top rated graphics and look spectacular, with enough flair and appeal to keep users excited and engaged for a long period of time with ease. 

As an unusual extra feature, Jackpot City also offers a wide range of different tournament games. These cover poker tournaments, blackjack tournaments, and slot game tournaments tied to specific slots games. These range in scale from small $5 entry tournaments to high rolling $25,000 tournaments, making sure that there’s something out there to suit the budget needs of every player interested.

Jackpot City mobile casino

As well as the popular desktop version of the Jackpot City online casino, there is also an easily accessible mobile version for busy gamblers who want to play their favorite games on the go without having to sit down in front of a computer in order to play. This mobile version is easy to access and easy to use, and is available on any apple or android mobile device with no additional downloads required.

Not every game from the desktop version of Jackpot City can be played on the mobile version, but there is still a substantial library of fun, exciting, and rewarding games available for mobile users to get involved with. Several of the games, particularly some of the flashier ones, are less responsive on mobile than they are on desktop, and show a bit of lag when played through this platform, but they all work well enough and should not cause any problems to users with even an average smartphone or tablet. 

Customer service from Jackpot City Casino

The Jackpot City online casino offers email and live chat customer support options, both of which are available 24/7, 365 days a year. These customer support services are fast and responsive, and staffed by real people who are dedicated to helping to resolve any questions or queries that users may encounter while playing on this online casino.

The live chat is exceptionally responsive and shows a real dedication to helping customers and supporting them as well as possible. This service offers reliable and helpful solutions within minutes of initially contacting the casino. The email contact option takes longer to provide an answer, but they will always get back to you with helpful solutions eventually.

Jackpot City Casino trustworthiness

Jackpot City has been around for over 20 years, which indicates that there’s something worthwhile going on with this casino. In general, untrustworthy casinos and scams tend to only last for short periods of time before closing, which means that longer lasting casinos such as this are generally more trustworthy. 

The Jackpot City casino is fully licensed through the government of Malta. This is a high recommendation, as Malta tends to be very strict about regulations for gambling sites, and only extends licenses to the most trustworthy and reliable online casino sites. Any casino with a license in Malta can be trusted as safe and reliable, and Jackpot City definitely falls into this category.

Jackpot City also holds the eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) seal of approval. This is an independent award that proves a high level of integrity and fairness, with eCOGRA only awarding it to casinos that show fairness and clear, transparent results with no manipulation of the odds involved. This organization is trustworthy, and can be relied on to ensure the integrity of online casino sites. 

Responsible gambling support from Jackpot City

Jackpot City is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all players, and offer a range of helpful features for any players who may be worried that their gambling habits are getting out of control and becoming a problem. This is an important extra feature that shows a real commitment to responsibility in the online casino industry.

The most important feature here is the player self exclusion service, which allows you to lock your account for anywhere from a single week to a six month period to prevent you from gambling. When your account is locked, Jackpot City ensure that you do not receive any promotional offers, reducing the temptation to get back into gambling.

This service is supported by an online self assessment test to help you determine whether your gambling habit is a problem. This is a set of yes or no questions that you can easily use to work out whether you have a gambling problem that needs to be addressed immediately. 


  • There are over 500 different games available to play on the Jackpot City online casino
  • Cash outs are fast and easy, saving a great deal of time
  • The welcome bonus from Jackpot City is generous and easy to access
  • A wide range of different deposit and payout options are available from Jackpot City
  • Jackpot City is a trustworthy and reliable online casino that’s safe and secure for all users


  • Jackpot City is not accessible in the USA, significantly limiting who can play games on this site
  • The interface used by Jackpot City is limited and looks somewhat outdated


Jackpot City is one of the longest running and best respected online casinos in the entire industry, and that great reputation is well deserved. This is a safe, trustworthy, and reliable online casino that offers some great features for users. The one major downside is that this casino primarily caters to users in Canada and Australia, and is not available to users in the USA at all. That’s a major restriction, and one that’s worth being aware of before you check out the site!

Aside from the geographical restrictions, we would recommend Jackpot City highly. The range of games available from this online casino is impressive, and there’s something for everyone out there. The welcome bonuses are generous, and there are enough options to keep players entertained after getting everything set up. Overall, this is one of the best and most reliable and secure online casinos available at the moment.