Minecraft Bedrock Seeds in 1.18

November 1, 2022

Minecraft Bedrock Seeds in 1.18

Are you looking for the best Minecraft Bedrock seed for 1.18? Although Bedrock is not the original Minecraft, it has a lot to offer. You'll be able explore a vast array of amazing seeds in Bedrock, which you won't find in any other Minecraft version.

Below, we'll show you 10 of our favorite seeds for Minecraft Bedrock.

These are the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds to use on Xbox, Win10, or Mobile.

These seeds are available for Minecraft Bedrock users who play Minecraft on Xbox, Mobile, Windows Store, Windows 10, and other devices. Bedrock, formerly known as Minecraft Pocket Edition (or PE), is faster than the original Java Edition and can be used on all Minecraft-running platforms.

Here's how to use a seed to create new worlds in Minecraft Bedrock

Click Play from the main menu. Next, click Create New and then Create New World. You'll find an input box labeled Seed about half way down on the right-hand screen. To start the new world generation, simply type your seed in this box and click Create.

Note: If you are playing on Java, make sure to check our separate guide on the best Minecraft seed for Java 1.18!

Parity of Minecraft seeds: Are the seeds the same between Java and Bedrock?

Minecraft 1.18 has a partial seed parity between Java Editions and Bedrock. This means:

If a seed falls within the range -2147,483,648- 2,147,483,647 then the world will be identical between Java or Bedrock (apart form structure placement).

If the seed number is not within this range, the two Minecraft versions will create completely different worlds.

Why is that number so special? It's because Minecraft Bedrock still uses 32 bit integers for its seed data, while Java uses 64 bit integers. A 32-bit integer has two lower limits: -2,147.483,648 and a higher limit of 2,147.483,647. If you enter a number outside of this range, the game will change the seed number to be within the range.

Best Minecraft Bedrock seeds

Icy Mountains

This mountain range of ice-snow is the perfect foundation for building a stunning Minecraft castle. This Bedrock seed is filled with underground cave systems and surrounded with jungles and forests of all sizes. There's a lot to discover with this Bedrock seed.

Seed: -1283120822

Easy Diamonds

If you can look away from the magnificent mountain ranges in the distance, you will find that the seed below ground is more interesting than the one above it. You will spawn right next to an opening in ground that instantly leads to a massive, biomes-large cave system. It is dripping with dripstone, and you can delve all the way to the optimal level to find Diamonds in Minecraft.

Seed: -1414064807

Mesa and Lush Caves

Mesa biomes, or Badlands biomes, have been a favorite of mine for a long time. This starting seed will make you a fan. It is located right next to a wooded Badlands biome, which gives you easy access for starting wood. You can also see the split in the ground in this screenshot. There is a Lush Cave I have yet to see in Minecraft 1.18.

Seed: 1917813112

There are villages and pyramids everywhere

Take a look at this screenshot. What number of NPC structures can your eyes see? If you have less than 5 answers, then it is time to look closer. This desert and badlands seed is a blessing when it comes to Desert Pyramid spawns and early Village construction. You won't be short of early food and gold, that is for sure!

Seed: 661979563

Easy Plains Spawn

This Plains seed is a great way to get started in a new Bedrock world. There are plenty of basic materials and wood on the surface, as well as lots of land to build your first Minecraft home. You can also start your journey by looking into a cave system. There is plenty of Iron Ore to help you build your armour and tools.

Seed: 1817024869

Swamps & Rock Formations

The charm of Minecraft's terrain generation is in the unexpected quirks and oddities that can be found in certain places. 1.18 seems to have its fair share of these. This Bedrock seed will spawn you at the edge of a sprawling, pockmarked swamp – a biome set to get a lot of attention in Minecraft 1.19. But the most striking feature of this seed is the nearly-floating rock formation that lies next to you. This is a great feature to use as a starting seed because you will find many pieces of iron ore and coal within these rocks.

Seed: -1759273619

Savanna Hills

Minecraft 1.18's terrain generation did more than just add huge, high-altitude mountains to its worlds. It had an impact on every biome's terrain – you can see the results in this amazing savanna-covered Bedrock Seed. The hills are higher than the 1.17 and the slopes are steeper. The rivers cut through the landscape leaving behind cliffs and other interesting features. This is a great place to begin a new Minecraft adventure.

Seed: 1111132940

Mountains and Mansions

This Minecraft world might seem like an oak leaf block to you, but if you turn around, you'll see why I recommend it: A massive mountain of ice, snow and other peaks dominates the landscape. You can also find a mansion in the forest near the mountain that you can easily repurpose to make a grandiose first home.

Seed: 2033516050

Forest & Jungle

This seed is for tree-lovers. You can find every kind of wood you can think of in the forest and jungles that stretch to the horizon. This is the perfect place for architects looking to create a stunning Minecraft build in survival mode. You can also follow the river to see some stunning-looking mountains, thanks to Minecraft 1.18's new terrain generation system.

Seed: -350445892

Spawn on Large Island

A world that doesn't end forever is a good thing. Although the infinite landscapes of Minecraft are amazing, you might still enjoy this island seed if you want to have some natural boundaries. It's not a survival island, but it is large enough to contain many biomes and lots of resources. If you're looking for more, there are plenty of other areas that you can explore. This island is for those who like the self-contained areas found on Minecraft adventure maps and Minecraft PvP servers.

Seed: -29563485