Minecraft Halloween Costume

October 12, 2022

Minecraft Halloween Costume

This is a simple Minecraft costume idea that you can make for your favorite Minecraft fan. This Minecraft Villager head and emerald are great for a Minecraft Halloween Costume DIY. This DIY Minecraft head was worn by Liam for a Halloween party at school and trick-or-treating on Halloween. This is a great DIY costume for Halloween.

You can download a Minecraft printable and glue it onto a cardboard box or foam core box to create a Minecraft Villager with a 3D nose. This technique can also be used to make a Minecraft cardboard head, such as a Skeleton, Zombie or Steve.

Easy DIY Minecraft Halloween costume

Liam is a huge Minecraft fan this year. He even had a Minecraft birthday theme this year. I was not surprised when he said that he wanted me help him make a Minecraft Halloween costume. He then said that he wanted to become a Villager. What is a Villager? I had to Google what a Minecraft Villager was, and how it looked. This free printable Minecraft villager head is a great DIY Minecraft costume for both boys and girls.

On Halloween in Chicago, it was so cold that we had to wear gloves and jackets over our Descendants or Minecraft costumes. The Minecraft cardboard head kept Liam's head and face warm. Chicago will have snow on October 31st, so leave it to them! This is a great trick!

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Materials for making a Minecraft Halloween costume DIY:

Download Kathy's Minecraft Villager printable with 3D nose (PDF).
- A cardboard box, or 2 foam core sheets
Bright white cardstock papers
Craft knife, metal ruler, self-healing mat
Purple glue sticks
Glue gun and glue gun sticks
Pillow stuffing (optional).

How to make a Minecraft Halloween Costume:

1. Print my Minecraft cardboard head printable to make a Villager

My Minecraft Villager printable has a 3D nose. 5 pages will be printed: 1 Villager face and 2 sides, 1 top and 1 back. Bright white cardstock paper is best for vibrant colors. If it rains, you should use a color laser printer to reduce the chances of colors running. To trim the white edges, use a craft knife, metal ruler, or self-healing pad. Each page includes an additional strip of pixels to help you fill in the blanks on your cardboard box.

Step 2: Glue Minecraft skins onto the sides of the cardboard or foam core

Your purple glue stick is used to attach the five Minecraft skins (face and back), and Villager face to a cardboard container or 5 pieces of foam core. I cut five pieces of black foam core to the same size as my printouts. Let dry completely. Use a craft knife, a metal ruler, or a self-healing mat to carefully cut out the eye holes. Next, glue the sides of your Minecraft head together with glue sticks or strong glue. Let the Minecraft costume dry completely.

Here are the dimensions I used to make my son's Minecraft skull for his Halloween costume.

Front side: 9'0 tall x 8ft wide
Back side: 9' tall x8' wide
Right side: 9'" tall x 9-3/8" wide
Left side: 9' tall x9-3/8' wide
Top: 9-3/8" wide x 9-1/2'' wide

Yes, I do realize that this is not a square block. It's not very Minecraft-y, is it? Ha! Ha! I don't remember. It's not a square block, but trust me, nobody will notice!

Before you cut the foam core, I recommend that you test these dimensions on your child. If you need to adjust the size, you can print extra sheets of my pixels and cut some rows. Then glue them onto your foam core.

Step 3: Add a 3D villager nose onto the Minecraft head

Use a purple glue stick to attach the Minecraft villager's nose pieces to pieces of cardboard or black foam core. Let dry completely. Use strong glue, glue gun and glue sticks to create a 3D nose. Let dry completely. Once dry, glue your nose to the Minecraft villager's face.

Step 4: Pillow stuff the inside of your head.

I didn't take a photo of this step but we added some pillow stuffing to the inner of the head to make it fit properly on Liam so that he could see through the eye holes. The Minecraft cardboard head was also more comfortable for Liam to wear while trick-or-treating. We didn't glue the pillow stuffing in place and his cardboard head held up well at the Halloween party at his school.