Minecraft: server_list

October 1, 2022

Minecraft: server_list

Minecraft has an in-game server listing for multiplayer, which allows users to save the servers they visit. Minecraft doesn't have a prepopulated server list, but it is available on the official Minecraft website. However, the standalone Minecraft launcher supports adding servers to the Multiplayer section. It allows players to check if a server has been online, how many slots are available, and the connection speed (ping time) between the server and the player. The connection speed of the server can be accessed by hovering over the icon in Minecraft's server listing.

Locating servers

Server owners can list their IP addresses on several websites. Two sites are worth mentioning: Mojang's official Classic server list and the Minecraft Forums public server list.

Organizing servers

To alter the order in which servers appear on the list of servers, hover over one server and then use the arrows to move it up or down. You can also hold Shift while using the arrow keys.