Minecraft (Video Game)

August 31, 2022

Minecraft (Video Game)

Minecraft is a block-based survival game. The game allows players to explore a procedurally generated world that is open to them. They can place blocks elsewhere and break them down, as well as rearranging the world as they wish. The game's creative appeal is often called "Digital Lego".note LEGO also offers a variety of Minecraft-themed sets. The game is hugely popular. It was initially released on PC by Mojang, but has since been made available on every major video game console.

It is hard to overstate the game's popularity. It is the number one most-sold game, surpassing Tetris' record of 238 million copies. Microsoft purchased Minecraft in 2014 for more than two billion dollars due to its popularity and large fan base. The game's popularity can be attributed to its open-ended and deep gameplay. It encourages exploration and creativity. There is no storyline or structure, and players have complete freedom to choose how they interact with the world and what adventures they want to make within the game.

Minecraft is a game where almost everything is made of identical-sized cubes. From dirt to rock to tree trunks. Minecraft's "world" is nearly infinite and continually generates new and different landscapes as the player explores. Players can climb blocks, swim across water bodies, and explore the many caves that run through the ground beneath them. The world is bound by "bedrock" at its bottom and a height limit at its top, where players cannot place blocks. There are two alternative realms that players can visit: "The Nether", which is a hell-like dimension and "The End", which is barren land where a terrible Dragon awaits.

There are three main modes to Minecraft: Survival, Creative, and Hardcore. With one click, players can place and destroy blocks. They can use any block within the game and cannot dienote. It is primarily focused on building and can be used to create large structures or pixel art. Although monsters and other animals still appear in the game, they are passive and won't attack the player. Survival forces players to collect the blocks they need and gives them a chance to die. It introduces crafting and hunger system, and monsters will aggressively try to kill players. Players are required to gather supplies and build a base to defend themselves against monsters. They also have to mine deep underground for valuable materials. To survive, players must create various equipment, such as pickaxes to speed up mining blocks or armor to fend off the many monsters that arrive each night. Hardcore mode is very similar to Survival, except that it is locked on hard and you can't interact with the outside world if you die.

You can play the game in either single-player or multi-player mode. Multiplayer servers offer shared persistent worlds that allow multiple players to collaborate on great projects or compete against one another. The game has a large mod community. It has also launched many YouTube Let's Play channels, shows, personalities, and channels such as the Yogscast and Achievement Hunter's Let's Play Minecraft.

Minecraft is unique in that it has an MMO-style support system, despite being largely single-player. It also receives updates from time-to-time. As an indie game, the game was also created by Markus "Notch", a Swedish programmer. It was originally created as a Spiritual Adaptation to a freeware game called Infiniminer by Zachtronics Industries. Minecraft was released for the first time in 2009. It had a very basic interface and only had Creative mode. Other modes such as Survival Test and Indev were gradually added and renamed. Many of the standard features (such as the day/night cycle) were also improved/renamed. It was upgraded to Alpha status in the summer 2010 and then moved to Beta status in the latter part of 2010. Many new features were added to the game even though it was "officially" released in 2011. As mentioned previously, Microsoft purchased Mojang (and Minecraft) in 2014. However, they promised fans that they would continue the game's development by releasing one-to two updates per year. The game is currently on version 1.19 as of 2022. Mojang has confirmed at most one major update, and has likely many more in development.

The soundtrack was composed by Lena Raine and C418. The Game Mod Index also has pages for Minecraft mods and maps. Fan-made Adventure Maps are also available on another page. You can find the official Wiki here. Although it is an invaluable tool, each update has made it easier to rely on by providing in-game hints about all major features.

Video Games

- Minecraft Story Mode (2015-2017: An episodic Point and Click Game): Developed by Telltale Games and Mojang, Minecraft Earth (2019-2021: A free-to play Augmented Reality game for mobile phones. As of June 2021, the game is no longer available.
Minecraft Dungeons (2020), a dungeon-crawler Hack and Slash developed by Mojang and Double Eleven.

Tabletop Games

- Minecraft Card Game (2015)
- Minecraft Builders and Biomes (2019).


– Super Meat Boy (2010) Steve is an unlockable Version Exclusive Content Guest Fighter in PC version.
Retro City Rampage (2012): The player can enter a secret Minecraft world and Steve is an unlockable character.
- Joe Danger 2 The Movie (2012): Steve is a guest fighter in the PC and Vita versions. The Level Editor also includes usable Minecraft environments.
- Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018): Steve, Alex, a zombie and an Enderman appear as DLC Guest Fighters in the game's Fighters Pass Volume 2 (Ultimate 2018).


- Minecraft A series of novels published in Del Rey Publishing. - Minecraft: The Island (2017)
- Minecraft (2018): The Crash
- Minecraft The Lost Journals (2019).
- Minecraft The End (2019).
- Minecraft The Voyage (2020).
- Minecraft The Shipwreck (2020).
- Minecraft The Mountain (2021).
- Minecraft (2021)
- Minecraft Mob Squad (2021). - Minecraft Mob Squad: Never Say Nether (222).
- Minecraft Mob Squad: Don't Fear the Creeper (2022).

Comic Books

– Minecraft (2019-).: A Graphic Novel series by Dark Horse Comics about Tyler, a young Minecrafter who becomes closer to his friends after moving to a new place.
- Minecraft Stories From The Overworld (2019). An Anthology collection.
- Minecraft Wither without You (2020-). A graphic novel series in three volumes about twin monster hunters Cahira, Orion, and Orion.
Minecraft Open World (2022-), Sarah, a new player, joins veteran Hector to explore.

Television and film

– Adventure Time (2010-2018).: The 2018 episode, "Diamonds and Lemons", was a crossover special that Mojang produced in collaboration.
Warner Bros. is currently developing a film based on Minecraft.