Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots

Some people choose to spend their time playing at home than to do other outdoor activities. Thanks to the internet, this is now possible. You can easily find your way of entertainment with the help of your smartphone and internet connection. Life is so convenient right now that even when you stay indoors, you will earn cash if you can play smart. Online slots and casinos are some of the attractions on the internet. If you want to win a massive amount of prizes, you should look for an excellent game to start with. To give you one, here’s everything you should know about Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots.

About Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots

Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots has gained popularity because of its Egyptian theme. AS the name suggests, you are going to travel back to Egypt during the time of Pharaoh when you play this game. This is another masterpiece of the IGT software gaming company. It is a video slot with 15 pay lines. The theme of the game has wolves, owls, snakes, and eyes. These are some of the important symbols you have to watch out for if you want to win big. Plus, the soundtrack adds value to the current beauty of the game. You will “Walk like an Egyptian” as you play the game.
Since the number of slots today is increasing, new and existing players become more and more familiar with how it works. To play Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots, you need to go to the official casino website of IGT. If you haven’t played on that platform yet, you can choose other online casinos and look for Pharaoh’s Fortune slots there. After you found the game, you can start the fun by setting your tolerable bet amount. Remember, this is not the time to be greedy. Gamble responsibly.
Spinning manually and automatically is a feature of the game that you can always utilize. If you want to set your bet amount manually and you want to control how many spins you are going to make, the Spin button will assist you. But, for those who want to save time and effort, you can use the autoplay system so you can skip the manual spinning. Stop the autoplay when you think it’s time to take home your winnings or you are losing already. The game is pretty simple to comprehend. Just follow the instructions, and you will surely have fun.

Perks of Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots

Players often overlook the perks of online slots. Some didn’t know that they can get free spins and bonus games. These freebies will allow you to win more while you preserve your money for the next spin. What’s great about Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots is that it works wonders for online players. Bonuses and free spins are easy to get every spin. There are wild symbols represented by the game logo. These wild symbols play a significant role since they can replace other symbols on the reels.
Meanwhile, Sphinx is an extra wild symbol. If you see it on your screen, you are a lucky player! You can also get Blue Bug Scatter, wherein the bonus symbol is Green Pharaoh. Just find two scatters anywhere on your reels, and the amount of your bet will be doubled. When you get 3, 4, or 5 scatters, you will get equal multipliers such as x5, x10, or x15. Free spins and multipliers are automatically activated if you manage to get these symbols and scatters. Keep your eye on the reels to see how exciting it is to play Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots.
Don’t forget as well, that RTP rates play an important role in the game. Currently, Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots has 95% RTP. This rate is within the range of the average RTP in the industry, which means that you are on the right track with Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots.

Wagering Requirements of Pharaoh’s Fortune Slots

For as low as one coin per line, you can already spin the reels. The maximum coin per line you will be able to play with is 200. The coin size should be one regardless if it’s minimum or maximum. There is also a jackpot worth 10,000. Follow the instructions and wagering requirements to get this prize.

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