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Mobile and desktop games are the life of some people. Can’t blame them, there is entertainment in playing at the comfort of your home. If you have the same habit, you’ve probably played at online casinos. These gambling websites are becoming popular not only in the UK but in the whole world. Lots of websites are popping out here and there too. This leaves you with a variety of choices if you want to play online slots and roulettes. But, have you ever thought of discovering where those games come from? Do online casinos have their in-house developers. What software are they using? It’s common to ask questions like these because it is proof that you care about your gaming experience. One good gaming software to talk about is ShuffleMaster Software.

What is the ShuffleMaster Software?

The story of ShuffleMaster inevitably gets more than enough attention from players as it started humbly. There was once a truck driver from Minneapolis named John Breeding. He discovered the problems of casinos during the 80s that he was able to come up with a mechanical shuffler he built using borrowed money. Shuffle Master was born in 1983 and continued its great inventions until the product was introduced into casinos. This company came up with software that’s helping online casinos today.
ShuffleMaster Software is a technology that provides and develops games for different online casinos in the market. It is one of the quite leaders, and only a few players know about that. To know more about what it can offer, here are the features of the software.

ShuffleMaster Software Review

ShuffleMaster is the leading technology when it comes to table games. You will find a lot of software on the internet focusing on slots and roulettes, but this one is different. It is unique in a way that it develops solid good table games to make sure that there is fairness during each game. ShuffleMaster’s expertise has been table games. Back in the 80s, it began with card shuffling business until transformations to software happen. It is now providing good table games to popular online casinos.
Features and game innovation are another excellent thing about ShuffleMaster. Its table games have side bets and other functions. You will find each game multi-dimensional now that the technology continues to evolve. If you are fond of playing table games, you will surely enjoy the additional features apart from side bets. Of course, you are going to discover more once you’ve signed up for an account. Game innovation, on the other hand, is what makes this software unique as the people behind the software, and the company is known for creating new games now and then. Some of the excellent casino games created by ShuffleMaster are Carribean Stud Poker and Let It Ride.
ShuffleMaster is a known developer of Casino War, Press Your Luck, Let’s Make A Deal, and the Three Stooges. If you are familiar with these games, now you know that ShuffleMaster is the brain behind it.


Depending on the games you play, you will get bonuses, join promotions, and access many freebies. When you sign up for an account, you will get welcome bonuses that are typically 100% of your first deposit. There are bonuses once you are done with your first play. Deposit bonuses come when you deposit your first funds. There are promotions, especially during special events. Again, it depends on the game and where you are playing. ShuffleMaster is a software that provides games to different online casinos. You better look for a good online casino website that gives additional freebies on top of what ShuffleMaster can provide.

Wagering Requirements

There are different wagering requirements per game and online casino. Before you create your account in popular casinos where there are ShuffleMaster games, you have to read and understand the wagering requirements first to check if they suit you. So, you must know where you can read the terms and conditions. Note that there are wagering requirements for bonuses as well. Rolling them over before you can withdraw them is part of the process. Don’t get confused when an online casino prohibits you from getting the bonus out of your account.

Slots Software Type

Here is a list of all the various slots software available to play: