These Lenovo Chromebooks are $99

August 8, 2022

These Lenovo Chromebooks are $99

Three Lenovo Chromebooks on Sale for Less Than $100 for Prime Day. This is a good price for a Chromebook that should be decent - if one small purchase is made.

Our list of the best Chromebook deals on Prime Day usually includes at least one Chromebook priced below $100. We've found many, including several Chromebooks at prices as low as $79 from Lenovo, which offers huge savings of up to 68 per cent.

They are here:

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 (11 inch), $99.99 (55% Discount) at AmazonLenovo Chromebook 3 (11.6 inch), $79.00 (43% Off) at Best Buy
Lenovo Chromebook 3 (14 inch) with Headset Bundle, $89.00 (68% Off) at Walmart

Are they worth the effort? We think they are worth it, but only barely. All three Chromebooks are powered by the Celeron N4020 processor. This dual-core processor is a few years old. All three Chromebooks have 4GB of memory. The minimum requirement for a Chromebook is 64GB. We've seen Chromebooks with 32GB storage. However, we've also seen Chromebooks with more than that. If you use Chromebooks for web work, the extra space is useful. However, luxuries such as a touchscreen are not included. The Walmart bundle includes a headset, which is a nice but small addition.

This Chromebook runs Chrome OS. It won't be able to play Roblox or Minecraft like a laptop. If you have any questions, please refer to our story about Chromebooks versus laptops.

The 768p screen is the weakest of all three Chromebooks. It is smaller than most laptops' 1080p screens, but should be adequate. Don't be discouraged if you have already invested in technology over the years. Each of the three Chromebooks has at least one USB C port and one with DisplayPort over USBC. This allows you to connect an external display to the Chromebook, increasing the screen resolution and size.

How? How? You may find that the 768p display is just right for you, as these are small, portable Chromebooks. You'll need an external 1080p monitor. This is the $97 23-inch 1080p Aopen screen on Prime Day.

Which is the best deal among these three? Walmart is the best value for money. We recommend Best Buy's deal because it offers the best price. If you decide that a Chromebook is not for you, you can check out our list with the best Prime Day laptop deals.