We are always Looking for Builders

August 5, 2022

We are always Looking for Builders

This server works great! Come and see it for yourself!

Are you fed up with servers that don't answer or help you? Staff are rude, towns and houses are grieved, and it's almost impossible to find your way around servers? Then Minecraft Lobby is for you!

Are you still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons to join us.

1. We have the most recent and cutting-edge Bukkit plugins, and they are fully operational.
2. These people are some of the most friendly in Minecraft!
3. We don't try to overwhelm you and make it as simple as possible for builders to get started.
4. The server is available 24/7 and has routine backups.
5. We want to hear from you if you are a great builder! We are always looking to hire builders. Feel free to submit a Builder App with photos or videos of your builds.
6. We have factions. :D
7. Staff are very friendly and fair. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the server.
8. We are also a family-friendly server.
9. This server showcases the best of Minecraft.
10. It's a clean, fresh server who treats you like a family member. We promise you will love your time here. Join us to try something new and be part of our ever-growing community.

We look forward to meeting you. We would love to have you join us! *
*This offer does not apply to creepers.

NOTE We now offer Diplomat and VIP ranks. All you have to do is send a small donation.
Currently, $3 for VIP and $6 for Diplomat (per Month).
What you get:

Access to an additional chest
2 plots in the Resident Area
1 Shop


3 Lots in the Resident Area
Shop around the globe
Morphing (ability of turning into a spider, zombie, etc.)

For more details visit www.minecraftlobby.com

Additional Notes

Friendly and helpful staff, members, excellent iConomy set-up, easy to use, amazing plugins, great community and PvP arena and so much more! You will love it here! =) We have 1.3.1!