Casumo Casino Review

Casumo has been around ever since 2012, and it’s continued to grow since then. Its game list has expanded and its site had been redesigned, but does it still hold up? And is it actually a fun place to gamble? Many Casumo Casino reviews heap on a lot of praise, but it’s still a good idea to take a closer look at its reputation.

The Player Experience

First impressions matter a lot, and Casumo’s site puts a lot of emphasis on this. Everything is nice and neat, with just enough color to avoid overwhelming new users. There’s no distinct colors scheme, but that works in its favor. Without any limits, it can be as minimalist as it needs to be, and nothing feels crammed together in a hurry. It’s a refreshing change from the over-the-top ‘themes’ used by a lot of modern casinos.

Each page and option is easily accessible, using clearly-labeled buttons and/or icons. There’s separate pages for different game types, as well as a handy search function. Not only that, there’s pages detailing certain features and services they offer.

One of these services is Play Okay, a built-in feature that helps stop excessive gambling. You can set limits on how much you can bet, letting you (or a family member) limit themselves directly. While this is a small addition, it can important to a lot of people, especially former addicts.

The mobile version of the site works just as well as the desktop version, which might be due to how simple it is. All of the same options are available, and you don’t lose much functionality. The app is similar, using a very straightforward design that’s similar to the site’s layout.

The Games

The variety of games on offer is one of the biggest draws that Casumo Casino has. There’s well over eight-hundred games, most of which are slots, as well as over 30 jackpot pages. This isn’t counting table games, cards or other authentic casino games.

There’s also live games, which use trusted companies like NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. Every single game is chosen for quality. It’s unlikely that you’ll end up with feeling unsatisfied if you choose a random game.

Even with the heavy bias towards slot games, there’s enough variety to keep any gambler happy. When you combine this with the promotions, you have plenty of games you can win. It’s also surprisingly easy for new gamblers to get involved. Very few of the slot games are that complex, so you can learn them at your own pace.

In Other Countries

For legal reasons, Casumo Casino can’t operate in the following countries:


Aland Islands






Antigua and Barbuda

Arab Jamahiriya




Bouvet Island



Christmas Island

Cocos [Keeling] Islands



The Czech Republic



The Faroe Islands


French Guiana

French Polynesia

French Southern Territories



Heard Island and McDonald Islands

Hong Kong




















Myanmar [Burma]

New Caledonia



Norfolk Island


Customer Service

Customer service is always an important part of any casino experience. A lot of Casumo Casino reviews praise the response times of their support staff. There are representatives available for any kind of inquiry or question 24 hours a day. Not only that, but you can use the live chat if the issue is too short-term for emails.

Getting in contact with the support team is easy: every page has a button near the bottom. There’s also an FAQ section that you can check for immediate answers to common questions. This ranges from issues with withdrawals to technical questions about the site’s performance. There’s even details about how to send them screenshots of broken games so that they can try to fix them.

It’s easiest to get in contact through the live chat, so that’s usually where you’ll want to try first. This is due to the fact that it’s manned 24/7, and is faster than an email chain. Unlike a lot of casinos, Casumo doesn’t have a support phone number. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but it still cuts off an important contact method.

When it comes to withdrawing and depositing money, everything process quite fast. There’s no withdrawal limits, and they’re usually carried out it under 24 hours. This isn’t counting the extra limits and delays caused by certain banks or e-wallets. Certain cards might extend this to a few days, depending on how they work and whether it’s a working day.

Keep in mind that deposits are still subject to fees if you use a credit card (2.5% of the deposit). Other methods are completely free, as are all types of withdrawal. This doesn’t count e-wallets and banks that apply their own fees, of course.

Rewards Systems

Surprisingly, Casumo Casino doesn’t have any kind of VIP system or membership. There’s an “adventure” system that allows you to collect points for playing. These can be traded in for free spins or money. However, you’re not pressured to pay for any special program, and you can access every game the moment you sign up.

While a few people might miss the ability to ‘buy a better experience’, there’s really no need for any VIP club. Everything the casino has to offer is fully on display, and you’re not missing out on anything by not having one. You’re never being nudged to pay more for better odds or a more enjoyable experience.

The Adventures system is optional, and you will earn points by playing normally. However, there’s also side goals that can earn you more, which might encourage you to try new games. It’s up to you whether or not you want to focus on it, but it’s not forced on you.

This system carries over across all platforms, including the app. As long as you’re logged into your account, you can earn points and get bonuses.


As always, security matters a lot when you’re gambling. Thankfully, Casumo has put a lot of effort into keeping their players and their money safe.  All personal data is encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption, making it hard to decode. Every transaction is completely isolated and secure, so you won’t have money stolen. Even if somebody does gain access to your account, you can contact support to boot them out.

The Play Okay system is also great for people with addictive personalities. If you know a family member who had a habit of getting addicted to gambling, you can limit their spending. This can also work as an extra security measure if you want to stop hackers from wasting all of your money at once.

Thanks to the live chat, you can quickly contact a representative if you notice anything. You don’t have to wait for certain opening hours, and they can respond within minutes. If you log into your account and find anything suspicious, they can help you straight away.

The site’s been checked by gambling authorities to ensure that it’s fair to its player. Both the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority have certified it. So have TST labs and eCOGRA, which focus on fair odds and random number generation. This meant that all of the games are truly random, and can’t be rigged against you. If you’re looking for a casino that’s fair and legitimate, Casumo is definitely a good choice.

Current Offers

Current promotions offered by Casumo Casino include:

  • A 100% bonus (up to 300) for new players.
  • 30 wager-free spins for new players.
  • 100 free spins for the Book of Dead slot game.
  • 20 bonus spins when you first register.
  • Free spins and money from the Adventure rewards system.

There are also certain bonus codes that can be given out for specific events or time periods. These vary, so you should keep an eye out for new ones if you’re going to be using Casumo regularly. There are also special no-deposit bonuses available in Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. These include 30 more free spins on Book of Dead (UK), or 20 spins on the same game with a 100% wager bonus (NZ and CA).

Top Features

  • Responsive and accessible support team.
  • Built-in optional limits and spending controls.
  • Wide game variety.
  • Simple, easy-to-use site and design.
  • Certified as a fair, rigged-game-free casino.
  • Fast withdrawal.
  • No withdrawal limits.
  • No VIP club, meaning no VIP restrictions.
  • Adventure rewards system for various bonuses.

The Downsides

  • No phone-based support is available.
  • There are quite a few restricted countries.
  • The majority of the games on offer are slot games.
  • There aren’t many regular promotions.

How Trustworthy Is It?

Casumo Casino reviews are generally positive, and it’s not hard to see why. While it might lack certain games or features that other casinos have, it’s a great experience. Even if you’re new to online casinos, it can be a great place to learn the ropes. If you’re experienced, there’s enough variety to keep you entertained for quite a while.

On a 1-10 scale of trust, Casumo probably falls somewhere between 8 and 9. It’s very secure and player-friendly, but the lack of a phone line holds it back. Phones are often one of the easiest ways to report sudden issues or account thefts. Relying on the live chat is fine, but you need to be logged in, and emails are too slow. While this won’t affect many of its users, it can still be devastating to the few who are unlucky enough to deal with it.

Everything else about the site seems excellent, though. The site design, the game selection, and the mobile app are all high-quality. The inclusion of Play Okay makes it even better for new players who want to avoid getting addicted. It’s rare to see a casino put so much effort into keeping its player safe without offering any kind of VIP service.

Overall, it’s a reputable, enjoyable and fair casino. If you’re looking for somewhere to gamble, take a look at some more Casumo Casino reviews and see if it’s right for you.