Free Slot Machines Games

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Playing slot machine games online has a number of great advantages, and one of the most important of these is that of cost. Playing physical slot machine games at land based casinos is always going to need you to bet with real money in order to get involved with the game, but playing online free slot machines games at virtual casinos can often be done for free. This allows you to try out more games, playing the field a bit before committing any money, or even just to play purely for fun with no need to pay anything at all.

There are many different types of free online slot machines available nowadays, and the number of paid games is even higher. It’s not always obvious which games can be played for free, and once you’ve found the free games, it can take even longer to determine which of them are good, enjoyable, and worth putting time and effort into.

That’s why we’ve extensively researched the wide world of free slot machines games, in order to save you as much time and effort as possible. Below, you’ll find rundowns of some of our favorite free slot machines online games, providing a great starting point for you to try out some fun and exciting games without having to spend a cent. There are many others out there, but all of the games on our list would be great starting points for anyone in search of something new to try playing online for free. 

What are slot machines games for free?

While most physical slot machines in land based casinos require a real money deposit in order to play, many online slot machine games can be played for free. That makes them a great option for anyone who does not want to commit money to a game they aren’t yet sure they’ll like, or just wants to play slot machine games for free.

One of the main reasons to try free slot machine games is to test out a game you don’t know a huge amount about. Free games allow you to get a sense of how any slot machine game works without needing to commit money to it, which makes it easy to try out more games before spending money on anything.

The other major reason to play slot machine games for free is simply that of entertainment. If you enjoy playing slot games, but don’t like spending money for your entertainment, then free slot machine games are a great way to get that experience and enjoyment without spending money. They’re a great choice for anyone who wants to have fun affordably with no actual gambling and no risk of getting into anything expensive or irresponsible in any way.

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is a vampire themed free slot machine game from the ever reliable star developer NetEnt. This game has a strong commitment to its vampire theme, using this enduringly popular aesthetic to make a game that’s completely soaked in the gothic and macabre. The level of detail in this game is impressive, and it’s got some of the best graphics and sound of any slot machine game for free out there. 

Blood Suckers is a five reel game with 25 paylines, and so many thrilling extra features that you’ll never get bored of playing it for free even if you never want to start playing it for real money. The bonus features of this free casino slot machine include wild substitutes, scatter symbols, and free spins, as well as one of the best bonus games we’ve ever seen, entirely focused on the bloody thrill of going down into a spooky crypt and slaying dangerous vampires. 

The theme of Blood Suckers is one of the most impressive parts of it. The sound design brings the whole thing to life, with spooky wind noises running through the background at all times, and dramatic blasts of organ music whenever you hit a winning spin. All of the symbols used in this game are vampire themed, ranging from garlic to holy water, while the characters that populate the game are all based on iconic classic vampires such as Dracula and Nosferatu.


Pamplona is one of the best and most enjoyable games out there from International Gaming Technology, a company that is making some of the most thrilling games on the market right now. It has a great deal to offer both for free players and those who want to gamble for real money, and the theme is an unusual and bright one that’s sure to keep you entertained.

Pamplona is themed around the popular and enduring Spanish sport of bullfighting and the matadors who do it, and more specifically around the famous Running of the Bulls festival in the Spanish city of Pamplona. This theme is colorful and vibrant, and stands out as an unusual one for slot machines. The reels of this free slot machine game include bulls, matadors, and other bullfighting themed concepts. 

This free casino slot game is a five reel slot with a spectacular 1024 paylines included. Pamplona’s five reels feature a range of bonus symbols to trigger exciting added features, keeping the game exciting even if you’re not betting with real money. These include the bull, which is used as a scatter symbol, and the bull’s enemy, the matador, which is used as a wild symbol. Matching a set of three bulls on the reels triggers a bonus known as El Toro (Spanish for The Bull), which allows you to win some exciting bonuses if you’re lucky. 

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is the first slot machine to feature a wheel spinning bonus game, and all other games that use this now popular mechanic have been inspired by Wheel of Fortune to some extent. This free slot machine game has been a popular and well loved game for almost twenty years, having been released nearly two decades ago by International Game Technology.

This popular free online slot machine is themed around the classic and beloved TV game show Wheel of Fortune, and uses a wide range of elements taken directly from the show. The graphics and sounds are clearly drawn from the show itself, and the mechanics are also very closely tied to the Wheel of Fortune game show. 

The popular wheel spin bonus mechanic uses the Wheel of Fortune idea from the show. When you match a number of the wheel symbols that you’ll find on the reels in this game, the sound of a crowd chanting “Wheel of Fortune” will play. When you hear this familiar sound, taken straight from the game show, you’ll know that it’s time to spin the wheel! When you spin the wheel of fortune in the bonus game, you have the chance to win many different possible bonus rewards.

King of Atlantis 

King of Atlantis is a simple but enjoyable free slot machine game from International Gaming Technology. It’s not as complex as some other games from IGT, but it is an easy and accessible game that can be easily enjoyed by players of all levels of confidence and experience.

As a high volatility slot machine game, King of Atlantis is straightforward and a bit lacking in flashy extra features. This is because its high volatility rating means that you could potentially win very big if you’re playing it for real money, and therefore wins have to be relatively rare. To keep the win rate low, the developers have avoided adding any of the bonus features that often boost win rates in other online slot machine games. The only bonus feature of King of Atlantis is its free spin reward, earned by matching a Poseidon symbol to his iconic trident.

The theme of King of Atlantis is, unsurprisingly, the mythical underwater kingdom of Atlantis. Symbols used in this game are bright, fun, and tightly fitted to this theme. They include Poseidon, king of the sea, dolphins, mermaids, seashells, jewel encrusted crowns, and sparkling gold rings. All of the art is bright, vibrant, and engaging, drawing you quickly into this undersea realm of legend. 


Of all of the free casino games slot machines available on the internet, Cleopatra might be the most popular and the best known. This was the most popular slot machine of all when online slot machines were first legalized in the USA, and it’s kept that success ever since. It started out as a well loved physical slot machine found in land based casinos, and maintained that high level of popularity and stellar reputation when the game was adapted for online casinos.

This particular one of the many slot machines free games available online has held onto the top spot thanks to a range of exciting features that have helped players to keep on coming back to this game again and again over the years. This is a generous five reel slot machine with 20 paylines and a range of different bonus features that keep it fun and exciting even when playing for free. Most of these features use the Sphinx symbol, a popular and iconic piece of Egyptian iconography. Matching three or more sphinxes earns you additional free spins, but two Sphinxes count as a scatter result, giving payouts even when they aren’t next to each other. 

The entire theme is focused on ancient Egyptian art and culture, with a wide range of instantly recognizable symbols on the reels such as the Sphinx, scarab beetles, Horus’ magical eye, and Cleopatra, the most famous pharaoh of all. 

Cleopatra is a great free slot machine game, but it also offers high rewards if you want to have a go at playing it for real money as well. Offering an RTP of over 95%, you have a high chance of winning money on Cleopatra. If you want to stick to playing this game without making a deposit, though, then it’s packed with enough wild cards and bonus features to stay entertaining for a long time. 

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is a popular free slot machine game themed around adventure and treasure hunting. Its story focuses on Gonzo, the little adventurer who has captured the hearts of players across the world, and his thrilling quest for the legendary lost city of gold. This is a fun and exciting theme, and thousands of users have enjoyed it enormously for several years. 

Gonzo’s Quest has been a popular free slot machine casino game since its release in 2010. It has been one of the most popular games released by reliable developer NetEnt ever since it first came out, and has never lost its position right near the top of most lists of the best free slot machine games in almost a decade. This success is well deserved, and Gonzo’s Quest has a great deal to offer players. 

This free casino game slot machine is a classic five reel game with 20 paylines, and can reward players who play for real money highly. Everything about this game is well designed, and NetEnt have been working on a range of enhanced spin off versions for a while now. The popularity of Gonzo’s Quest shows no signs of fading, and that’s well deserved.

Queen’s Day Tilt

Queen’s Day Tilt is a fresh and fun new online slots game, developed by Play N Go entertainment and released as recently as February 2019. It’s a great free game that also offers some high rewards if you want to play it for real money instead of just playing for free, but it has enough added features to stay fun and exciting for a while when you’re playing for free. 

This fun free slot machine game is themed around brave medieval knights trying to prove their bravery and love for their queen in exciting jousting tournaments. That’s a fun theme that allows anyone to get swept away in the excitement and thrills of jousting, bringing you right into the heart of the action as you spin. 

Queen’s Day Tilt is a three reel slot machine with some familiar classic casino slot machine mechanics. However, it features some fun extra features to keep the action a bit more exciting. If you want to bet with real money, then these bonus elements could win you up to 5,000 time syour original bet amount, which could be quite a lot. For real money players, the RTP rate is a solid 96.36%, meaning that it could be very rewarding, but the game is fun and energetic enough to keep you entertained even if you only want to play for free.


There are many different online video slots that you can play for free at virtual casinos, and there are many different reasons why you might want to give free games a go. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s a free source of fun and thrills or a free trial of a game you might want to play for real money later, there’s a game out there to fit your needs, you just need to find it. There are also enough themes used in free games that there should be something to appeal to your tastes, whether those are centered around fruit or horror or myths or treasure or anything else.

Our list above is only a small selection of the enormous range of online slots for free available. There are many others out there, and if you find any others that you like the look of, give them a go. Our list is not exhaustive, but it should save you a bit of time and effort if you’re looking for a great jumping on point for free online slot machines without needing to do a lot of research.