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One of the many great advantages of playing online slot machines from virtual casinos rather than going to land based casinos to play physical slot machines is that you don’t always have to play for real money. While physical slot machines are always going to require you to bet with real money, there are a number of online slot machines that can be played for free, allowing you to play purely for fun or to get a sense of how the game works before committing any money to it. 

Free slots

There are many different free online slots out there, and even more that aren’t free. Working out which ones can be played for free can be difficult and time consuming, and working out which of those free games are actually good and worth your time and effort can be even harder and take even more time. 

We’ve done all of the research into free online slots necessary, so you don’t have to. Below, you’ll find a brief introduction to some of our favorite free online slot machine games, giving you a great list of fun and rewarding games that you can try. Of course, there are many more out there, but our list below is a short selection of places that we would recommend trying out if you’re looking for something new to play.

Free slots online

Most people generally think of online slots games as being gambling games that you have to make a money deposit into in order to play, but that is not always the case. Many online slot machine games can be played entirely for free, which is a great option for anyone that doesn’t want to commit money to a game that they don’t know if they’ll like. 

There are a couple of major reasons that you might want to play a free online slot. The first is simply for fun. If you like the experience of playing slot machine games, but don’t want to have to spend  money in order to do that, then playing for free is a great way to get the slot machine gaming experience with no actual financial costs or gambling involved in the process. That’s a good option for having fun affordably and responsibly without getting into anything potentially expensive. 

The other main reason to play free slots online is to try out a game that you don’t know much about. Making a deposit with a game only to discover that it’s no fun and you don’t enjoy it is a massively disappointing experience, and one that many gamblers have had at some point in their lives. Free games allow you to get a sense of how the game works and whether you like it or not before committing any money, making them much easier to try out in order to find something you like.

Online slots


Cleopatra is one of the best known and longest running online slots games in the world. If you’ve ever explored the world of online slot gaming at all, then you’ve probably heard of this popular game. This game started out as a popular and well respected physical slot machine game, and continued to hold up that success and great reputation when it was adapted to online gaming. As an added bonus, the online version of Cleopatra can be played for free!

Back when online slot machines first became legal in the USA, Cleopatra was the most popular slot machine of all, and has held onto one of the top spots ever since, thanks to some great features that make it one of the best free online slots out there. Cleopatra is a fun and exciting online slots game with an ancient Egyptian theme, with icons and symbols based around instantly recognizable Egyptian concepts such as scarab beetles, the Sphinx, the eye of Horus, and Cleopatra herself.

The design of Cleopatra is a generous one for a free slots game. This is a five reel game with 20 paylines and a number of fun and exciting bonus features, most of which center on the Sphinx reel symbol. Two Sphinxes count as a scatter, winning you a payout whenever they appear, even if they aren’t on adjacent reels, while you can win free spins from matching three or more of these icons. 

If you’re interested in moving to playing Cleopatra for real money, then the RTP rate is a healthy one at more than 95%, and you can win a decent amount of money. If you’d prefer to stick to playing it for free, however, then you can have an enormous amount of fun playing this classic free slots online game.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is another enduringly popular free online slots game, and has been one of the best loved and most popular games for almost twenty years now. This game is themed around the classic television game show Wheel of Fortune, and was released nearly two decades ago by International Game Technology.

This free slots online game is the original wheel spin bonus game, and originated this mechanic that is now popular across many other games, and can even be played for free if you don’t want to start paying real money in order to play it. Many other games have used their own variants on this mechanic, but Wheel of Fortune was the first to use it and is still a very popular choice.

Wheel of Fortune uses a range of sounds and graphics directly inspired by the tv show, and features the popular wheel spin bonus mechanic based on the show. This mechanic is driven by the wheel symbols found on the reels, which come with the sound of a crowd chanting, lifted directly from the game show. Matching these symbols allows you to spin the wheel of fortune in order to win a range of exciting bonus rewards. 

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s quest has been around for a while, and has been a popular free online slots game since it was initially released in 2010 by developers NetEnt. Being seen as one of the best free games out there for almost a decade is impressive, and there are plenty of good reasons for Gonzo’s Quest’s enduring success and popularity.

This game is a five reel slot machine with 20 paylines, and if played for real money can potentially offer some substantial rewards for lucky players. It’s an engaging and fun game that has earned high praise from casinos, critics, and gamblers alike for several years. Its success has been so great, in fact, that NetEnt are working on developing a virtual reality version, breaking new ground for online slot machines in an incredibly exciting way. 

Gonzo’s Quest is an adventure themed slot machine game that focuses on a little adventurer hero named Gonzo and his quest for the legendary lost city of gold. This theme is a fun and exciting one, and it has been enjoyed by many users for several years now. Other online slots games use similar themes, but Gonzo’s Quest is one of the best and most exciting free slots games out there.


A fresh and fun free online slots game from International Gaming Technology, Pamplona is a great choice for both free play and real money gambling. This is a rewarding game filled with additional bonus features to keep things interesting, all wrapped up in a unique and vibrant theme for added excitement and fun.

Pamplona is a five reel slot that features 1024 paylines. It’s got a range of valuable bonus symbols included on the reels, such as the matador, which functions as a wild symbol, and the bull, which is a scatter symbol. Matching three of the bull symbols triggers the El Toro Bonus, which allows you to win a wide range of bonuses, including free spins and a range of additional possible ways to win. 

This free slots online game is themed around the famous Pamplona festival of the running of the bulls, and more generally around Spanish matadors and the art of bullfighting. This is an unusual theme, and it’s one that’s thrillingly bright and colorful. Pamplona features a wide range of symbols themed around bullfighting in this free game, such as bulls, matadors, and many other highly thematic symbols. 

Queen’s Day Tilt

Queen’s Day Tilt is one of the newest free online slots games out there, released in February 2019 by Play N Go. This is a solidly rewarding free slots game with an exciting and entertaining theme, and its free option makes it a great choice if you want to try out a game for free before playing for real money, with no financial commitment required to play this game. 

Queen’s Day Tilt is a simple 3 x 3 slot machine game that offers you a very respectable RTP rate of 96.36%, as well as a decent maximum win threshold of 500,000 coins. Most of its mechanics will be familiar to more experienced players as classic Vegas casino machine mechanics, but there are a couple of extra features included that make Queen’s Day Tilt a little more exciting. It includes three random features to boost your win potential, giving you the opportunity to win up to 5,000 x your initial bet amount, which has the potential to be a significant win if you’re betting on the higher end. 

The theme of Queen’s Day Tilt is medieval jousting tournaments for knights, which helps it to stand out a bit from the crowded world of online slot machines. This game is centered around heroic knights proving their heroism, bravery and strength in jousting tournaments, all for the glory of their queen. That’s a fun theme that anyone can get excited by, and it makes this game a lot of fun as well as being rewarding. 

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is a great new online free slots game from NetEnt with a fun and chilling vampire theme. This game takes advantage of the enduring popularity of vampires and uses that to create an exciting game with some incredible attention to detail in its design.

Blood Suckers has a strong vampire theme, with a range of different characters based on classic vampire archetypes ranging from Nosferatu to Dracula himself. The symbols used in this free online slots game are all vampire themed, including things such as garlic and holy water, keeping the theme as strong as possible. The sound design is luscious and spooky, with sinister wind sounds and dramatic organ music to mark winning spins, really absorbing you into the mood of the game.

This is a 5 reel game with 25 paylines and a range of fun and exciting extra features that keep the game exciting even when you’re playing for free. These bonus features include free spins, scatter wins, and wild substitutes, as well as an exciting but violent bonus game about slaying vampires. 

King of Atlantis

King of Atlantis is a fun but straightforward five reel slot machine from International Gaming Technology, offering an easy and accessible free slot machine experience that can be easily understood and enjoyed by anyone, no matter how inexperienced in the world of online slots games they may be.

This free slots online game is themed around the undersea realm of Atlantis, and all of the art is bright, vibrant, fun, and well focused on that theme. It uses a range of Atlantis themed symbols, including dolphins, mermaids, gold rings, jewelled crowns, seashells, and the sea god Poseidon, the king of Atlantis himself. There are other online slots games out there with similar themes, but King of Atlantis delivers it in style, and all for free. 

King of Atlantis is a fairly simple and stripped down game, as if you are playing it for real money then it is a high volatility game with very high potential rewards. Because of this high potential, rewards are relatively rare, and there aren’t many bonus features included in order to keep these rewards hard to achieve. The one and only bonus feature included in King of Atlantis is that matching a trident symbol next to a Poseidon symbol pays out a reward of eight free spins, helping you to keep the game going for longer. 


There are many different online slots games that can be played for free, and there are many reasons that you might want to try a free online slots game. Whether you’re looking to try out a game that you might want to play for real money if you like it, or just simply want a free game to play for fun, there should be something out there to suit your needs. Similarly, there are so many different themes available that there’s sure to be something for you, no matter whether you like myths or history or horror or treasure hunting or something even wilder and more thrilling. 

Free slot games are among the best ways to try out some of the most exciting ideas and new mechanics in the world of online gambling, and you can have a lot of fun and learn a lot without having to make a single deposit if you know where to look. Our list above is only a small selection of the wide market that is free online slots games, but it’s a great starting point. 

If you find other free online slots games that we haven’t mentioned, that’s great! They’re probably worth a try. Our list above is only a few of our very favorite options, and is by no means an exhaustive list. It should save you a bit of time and effort, but there’s more out there that we didn’t have space to cover. Good luck, and have fun with whatever you choose to play!