Hippodrome Casino Review

Hippodrome is one of the largest British casinos on the market, with a reputation to match. Established in 2013, it’s had six years to build up a great gambling experience for its players. While it was initially just a physical casino, it’s started to expand into online gambling.

However, not every review has been positive. How do the Hippodrome Casino review posts hold up against its image? Does it do enough to protect its users’ money? And is it actually worth your time if you’re looking to gamble?

The Player Experience

Hippodrome’s website is neat and clean, using a black and yellow color scheme that’s easy to look at. You can’t access some pages without signing up, but once you’re in, it’s easy to find things. The top bar lets you quickly switch to whichever page you need. 

The site’s also designed in a way that lets it work well on mobile devices. It’s responsive, meaning that it’ll adjust to different screen sizes to stop overlapping.

There are app versions of the site available, too. They’re all slightly different, since the iPad and iPhone versions are technically separate. However, each app provides a similar experience to visiting the site in your browser. You won’t be stuck with a half-baked experience if you’re not using the app, and games won’t be locked off to you.

Overall, the site’s software is reliable, and there are very few issues with the site or the way it hosts its games. Whether you’re using the app or the browser. If you notice any technical issues, you can contact support or check their FAQ page. 

Something that seems like a broken page or feature could be caused by the wrong version of the site loading. This is because, like many casinos, the mobile and desktop versions are separate. While it’s a rare problem, it’s something that can make the site look broken even when it’s not.

The Games

The list of games offered by Hippodrome is surprisingly large. To start, there’s a range of slots games, including both five-reel and three-reel games.  You can also play multiple table games, such as card and dice games, all with flexible bets. In addition, there’s progressive jackpot slots and video poker.

These aren’t the only games, though: you can also take part in more conventional casino games. This ranger from poker and baccarat to roulette and blackjack, as well as many other game types.

All games should function as expected on both desktop and mobile platforms. None of them are locked behind an app download, so they’re accessible to all players straight away.

Every game is made by great developers, even the ones you could consider basic or simple. There aren’t any rigged games on offer, either, and you’re not up against unfair odds. Everything is kept to a high standard of quality, and none of them ruin the experience.

Due to the variety of games on their site, it can appeal to both new and long-time gamblers. It might also be a good place to try new game types for the first time, since it’s easy to switch back if you don’t like it.

In Other Countries

To prevent legal issues, Hippodrome can’t accept players from the following countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • Angola
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Denmark
  • France
  • The German state of Schleswig-Holstein
  • Greece
  • Greenland
  • Guyana
  • Hungary
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  • Lithuania
  • Mexico
  • North Korea
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • The United States
  • Yemen

If you’re outside these countries, everything should be accessible to you as normal. However, the casino is only available in English (as of writing this), with no news of more being rolled out. The amount of restricted countries is a shame, but this is a UK casino, so it’s understandable. It accepts GBP, USD, CAD, and EUR as currencies.

Customer Service

The service gets mentioned in a lot of Hippodrome Casino review articles and posts. Not all of these reviews are positive, though. There are certain things that many customers find irritating or slow.

One of the most common complaints it about the delayed withdrawals. It can take up to a week for certain people to get the money they’re withdrawing. While this is a normal delay for a bank transfer, most other casinos handle card transfers within a day or two. Your money is held for three days before processing starts, no matter what. That’s essentially three days where nothing happens, but there’s no way to speed up the process. You just need to wait.

Aside from that, most people find the support very positive. They respond quickly and they’re helpful, even if they can’t speed up withdrawals for you. You can contact them through both live chat and email, as well as phone calls. They’re open 24/7 to all players, so you can resolve any kind of issue at any time of day. It’s not clear if the support is the same as the one in the physical Hippodrome casino, but they’re both great.

Current Offers

Hippodrome Casino offers multiple bonuses to new users, such as:

  • A 100% match bonus on your first deposit (up to £250).
  • 100 free bonus spins.

The welcome bonuses have quite limited restrictions, so make sure you read up on them. This has been a complaint raised by many players, but the casino has yet to address them. It could be a legal issue, or they could simply not have any desire to change it. Regardless of why, it’s a good idea to know how to activate your bonuses ahead of time.

Players can also get more bonuses for certain promotions or events, including:

  • Free spins on specific games after deposits.
  • Free spins on games after signing up.
  • Competitions to win event tickets.
  • Semi-random promotions on certain games.

Many of these promotions are time-limited and will eventually change or disappear. As such, it’s difficult to know exactly what could replace them in the future. If you’re planning on playing with the casino in the long term, check back for new promotions every so often.

Loyalty System

The rewards system hasn’t been mentioned in many Hippodrome Casino review posts. This could be because it’s new, or because players never saw it as a major feature. The system allows you to earn Loyalty Points by playing, which can be redeemed for extra bonuses. Initially, this will just be things like credits, but you can advance to higher levels as you earn points. Eventually, you’ll be able to get things like exclusive bonuses or event invitations.

The credits are redeemed in GBP, on a 500-points-to-£1 scale. This means that redeeming 5,000 points will credit £10 to your account.

Unlike a lot of other reward systems, you need to “maintain” you rank to hold it. For example, at the Silver level, you need to earn 2,500 points to keep that rank for next month. Not all players will like this, but it’s an interesting addition at the very least.

Not all games reward the same amount of points, since their wagers aren’t always counted as 100%. For example, 100% of the money you spend on slots will be turned into points. However, only 50% of the money you bet during poker will, and only 2% of your blackjack bets.


Security matters. Thankfully, even basic Hippodrome Casino poker review comments about it are positive. There’s no evidence of major problems with how the security is handled.

The site uses standard SSL encryption for all of its banking info, as well as any personal data you send them. This means that it’s safe to send over ID if you have to prove your identity or age. On top of that, Hippodrome has signed a policy that stops them from selling your information. Although it’s a small thing in practice, this is great for people who are paranoid about losing their data.


All of the games hosted on Hippodrome Casino are certified by eCogra. This means that they aren’t rigged and don’t have any artificial bias. They use true random number generation, and are being continually checked and audited. Since none of the games are made in-house, they’re also not rigged by the casino itself, nor the developers.

Top Features

  • Excellent mobile support.
  • Easy-to-navigate site.
  • No app requirement to play games on mobile devices.
  • Friendly 24/7 support.
  • Wide game variety.
  • Accepts multiple currencies.
  • Rewards system with exclusive bonuses.
  • Very similar in design to the real-life Hippodrome Casino in London.

The Downsides

  • “Maintain”-based rewards system that’s difficult for casual players to use.
  • Very slow withdrawals.
  • Restricted in many major countries.
  • Only available in one language (for now).
  • Loyalty points aren’t earned 1:1 on every game type.

How Trustworthy Is It?

Aside from slow withdrawals, there aren’t many complaints from Hippodrome Casino review posters. However, it’s still important to look at its history. In the past, back when it was new, Hippodrome got some criticism for poor service quality. This has improved significantly, so it’s likely not an issue. It seems like the delayed withdrawals are the only part of this service that hasn’t improved much.

While there are understandable reasons to delay withdrawals, it seems odd to do it so often. Some users theorize that it’s an attempt to keep that money in the site. Since withdrawn winnings can’t go back to the casino if the player stops gambling, after all. This isn’t illegal, but some players find it a bit off-putting and questionable.

In terms of actual content, the site is excellent. The games are great, the overall design is good, and it’s easy to find each page. Despite the odd requirements, the rewards system functions well, too.

It feels like Hippodrome Casino needs two ratings. If you don’t care about withdrawal delays, it’s definitely an 8 out of 10 in terms of quality. However, if you find the slow withdrawals troubling, it’ll drop down to around a 6. The service quality is fine, but casinos that hold onto people’s money are always worrying. Still, they haven’t proven or shown anything bad or malicious, so the final judgment should be up to you.