Red Flush Casino Review

Red Flush Casino is known for being a great way to gamble online on both computers and mobile devices. But, like a lot of gambling sites, it’s not always easy how legitimate it actually is at first glance. This Red Flush Casino Review should give you an idea of the good and bad sides of its gambling experience.

The Player Experience

Back in 2008, Red Flush received an award naming them the best casino of the year. A lot of reviews back this up, with many users mentioning that it was their favorite. Many people couldn’t even think of major complaints, aside from one-off incidents.

At the start of 2019, the casino changed hands to the Buffalo Partners group, and some reviews see this as a bad thing. Some more recent reviews complain about their attitude towards customers is. However, it’s difficult to pin down exactly what these complaints might mean.

The Games

The games themselves are surprisingly varied, with Red Flush boasting a huge catalog.  They offer everything from table games to arcade slots and progressive jackpots. In fact, the main page even claims that there are over seven-hundred unique games to choose from.

All of these games are compatible with the various bonuses they cycle through. At the moment, they’re offering an up-to-£700 new player bonus split over your first three deposits.

All versions of Red Flush Casino are the same across all platforms. The features they offer are functionally identical, and you can use the same account.

Customer Service

From a customer service standpoint, reviews from the community vary dramatically. Some people have had issues with deposit bonuses, but others have had perfect service. In fact, many of these issues are things that other casinos struggle with too.

Current Offers

  • £700 deposit bonus (split over three deposits).
  • 100 free spins to UK players on the Lucky Witch slots.
  • $1000 welcome bonus.
  • Various other minor deposit and spin bonuses.

Top Features

  • Great reputation.
  • Huge variety of games to play, including niche or experimental games.
  • Generous sign-up bonus.
  • Accessible on both mobile and desktop devices without any compatibility or functionality issues.
  • Reports of excellent customer service and community interactions.

The Downsides

  • Some users have trouble with getting help from customer service.
  • The new management seems to be less engaged with long-term customers.
  • The browser version is more limited, so multi-player games are download-only.

How Trustworthy Is It?

Despite some people not liking the new management, the casino seems trustworthy. Searching through existing reviews for this Red Flush Casino review didn’t show much. There’s no big scandals or repeat offenses, and the games all play perfectly fine.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Red Flush probably places as an 8. It’s trustworthy and hasn’t had many support problems, so it’s definitely safe to gamble at. However, if you’re a long-time or returning player, you might find the recent changes hard to adjust to. Its reputation is still intact, so you’re unlikely to run into any major scams or payment problems.