Spinland Casino Review

Spinland Casino is an online gambling site that’s only been around since 2017. Its short history means that it’s not very widespread yet, but it’s still getting attention. There are plenty of Spinland Casino review posts from users, both good and bad. 

We’ve put together this quick review from everything we’ve read so far. Is Spinland Casino worth your time and money? What parts of it should you avoid or ignore? And can you actually trust it with your money and personal info?

The Player Experience

The site itself is neat and tidy, especially on desktop devices. Every page is easy to reach, and it’s all laid out in a simple structure. If you want a certain type of game, there’s a separate button to filter it down. If you need to contact support, it’s only a click away on the drop-down menu. You don’t need to go searching for obscure links or buttons to get around, unlike many casino layouts. 

Nothing’s hidden at the bottom of each page, so you don’t need to scroll past hundreds of games to find key links. The only exception to this is the terms and conditions pages, which not every player will need.

On mobile devices, the site is just as good, with all of the same functionality. There’s no dedicated mobile app, but the site is clearly designed to work on all platforms. Only a handful of games aren’t available, mostly because they don’t work on mobile. Still, it works and functions well, so there’s nothing to complain about here.

As an international site, it’s available in multiple languages. These languages are:

  • English.
  • German.
  • Finnish.
  • Norwegian.
  • Swedish.
  • French.

You can swap between these languages using a drop-down menu on the sidebar. This will reload the page, so be careful about using it if you’re in the middle of a game.

Perhaps the most unusual feature is the Site Map page. This lets you see links to literally every page on the site (that you can normally access). It’s a much faster way of finding specific games by name, and helps you track down certain support pages. Not only that, but it can be great if you’ve just forgotten how to access a certain page. It’s a quick method to access things like the password reset page in emergencies, too.

Player Safety

The site is regulated and certified by eCogra, which means that it’s as fair as possible to its players. This means that there are no rigged games on offer, and none of them have been designed to cheat you out of money. 

Not only that, but it has a Responsible Gambling page that helps users avoid addiction. It details options like deposit limits, time reminders, and even complete account time-outs. You can also close your account at any time, and you don’t need a reason to justify it. This can be done through standard support contact methods.

In addition, you can check your account history to get a breakdown of your past activity. This won’t benefit everybody, but it’s useful for former addicts who want to keep track of what they spend.

The page also mentions certain places you can get help, as well as ways to stop children from accessing the site. If you have underage family members that somehow make an account, you can contact support to deal with it.

The Games

Spinland Casino offers a range of games, all of which are accessible as soon as you make an account. The main focus is on slots, but there are also table and card games, scratch cards, and even live games. On top of that, there are some jackpot games for higher-stakes players.

All of these games are made by trusted developers, and almost every one is updated to fix issues. This can range from poor performance to security vulnerabilities. Each of these developers comes from the casino’s relationship to White Hat Gaming.

Slot games are the majority of the site’s content, which can be irritating if you don’t enjoy them. Games like poker and roulette have a much more limited selection, but they’re still fun. The most limited overall is probably scratch cards, with less than five to choose from.

Notably, the site lets you filter the selection to all new or popular games. This makes it really easy to find new games that you’ve never heard of before. If you’re the kind of player that likes to experiment, this is an excellent feature. If you’re only there to play specific games, it won’t detract from your experience.

In Other Countries

As a real-money casino, Spinland Casino has to restrict access in certain areas. This includes multiple major countries, such as:

  • Austria.
  • Belgium.
  • Bulgaria. 
  • Denmark. 
  • France.
  • Hungary.
  • Italy.
  • Russia.
  • The United States.

Outside of these countries, players should be able to access the site normally. Keep in mind that local laws might still apply in certain ways. If you’re in a restricted country, you won’t be able to register, even if you don’t plan on playing.

Customer Service

The support is mentioned quite often in Spinland Casino review posts and articles. It’s a major part of any casino, and this one is no exception. Most accounts are positive, with no major problems or delays. If anything, most of the negative reviews are focused on problems that are nothing to do with the casino. This mostly relates to bank fees and delays on international withdrawals.

The staff is said to be very friendly and understanding. In some cases, they’ve even personalized the experiences for some players. One user mentioned that they altered his account so that free spins weren’t used up when he had funds.

VIP players get priority from their support teams. All support lines should be open 24/7. The site doesn’t have an FAQ page, but you can still view the terms and conditions of their site and promotions.

Current Offers

Spinland Casino review posters generally mention the bonuses and offers. They’re a large part of why the casino has such a good reputation. Currently, they’re offering users:

  • A 100% match bonus up to £300 on your first deposit (+50 free spins).
  • A 50% match on your second deposit up to £250 (+100 free spins on a specific game).
  • A 100% match bonus up to £250 on your third deposit (+50 free spins on a specific game).

These bonuses need a minimum deposit of £20 to activate. The bonus money you receive is separated from your normal funds, but acts the same way.

The site also hosts competitions for specific events and prizes. Entering these competitions is as simple as playing games. For every £50 you deposit, you earn 5 Land points. 1,000 points puts you in that month’s draw for the prize. This can include things like complete holidays or trips abroad.

Rewards System

The VIP system isn’t mentioned in many Spinland Casino review posts. It’s likely because not much attention is drawn to it. The system seems really good, since it doesn’t take any extra work. Unlike normal rewards systems, being a VIP gives you more benefits for almost nothing. Applying takes some paperwork, but almost nothing else.

Once you’re accepted, you’ll get things like dedicated 24/7 support, a VIP manager, and better offers.

It’s not a conventional rewards system, so you won’t earn levels or bonuses by spending money. It’s more of an add-on for dedicated players who want to enjoy the casino a little more.


Like all good casinos, Spinland is designed to keep your data as safe as possible. Everything’s encrypted as standard, and there’s no obvious weaknesses. Even the games themselves are updated regularly to fix vulnerabilities. Should your account get stolen, you can contact support to resolve the problem. VIP players will get priority, but this won’t delay things much for non-VIP players.

Withdrawals are also completely safe. You can use most standard methods, and there’s no added fees. Delays vary depending on the method used, though. Slow withdrawals are the only consistent complaint in most Spinland Casino review posts.

Top Features:

  • Good game selection.
  • Easy-to-use site design.
  • Simple VIP system.
  • Good sign-up bonuses.
  • Regular promotions and prize draws.
  • Reliable support.
  • Very secure.

The Downsides

  • Mostly slot games.
  • No rewards system.
  • No real atmosphere.
  • Occasionally slow withdrawals.
  • Blocked in some major countries.

How Trustworthy Is It?

In terms of trust, Spinland Casino seems like a solid 8, almost a 9. The only thing setting it back is the lack of communication on the site itself. For example, it’s not clear what the VIP system offers until you join it. There’s also no FAQ, and it’s not always easy to tell what each game is without filtering the list. This doesn’t make it less trustworthy, but it feels slightly harder to use.

Still, the site is safe and has a good game variety. If you’re just interested in playing, it’ll accommodate you well. The great sign-up bonuses mean that first-time players will have a good experience. The high level of player safety helps prevent addiction without sacrificing enjoyment.

People looking for an intricate rewards system will be disappointed. However, if you don’t care about that kind of thing, the simple VIP system is a nice change. Depending on how you feel, it could either be a great feature or a waste of time.

Overall, most Spinland Casino review articles are right. It’s safe, trustworthy and easy to enjoy, making it a great site for almost any player.