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The technology continues to evolve, and people are getting crazy about it. Imagine having just a smartphone where you can do everything in a snap–from communicating to your friends who are overseas to making a business transaction. Speaking of business transactions, the payment system is evolving vastly. If you think the cashier register is the latest payment system we have today, wait until you download a payment application you can use to pay using QR and bar codes. One great example is Apple Pay.
Using Apple Pay is one of the easiest ways to pay in stores and online. It’s a smooth application and is compatible with Apple devices. You can use this payment system every day to pay for your merchandise and when receiving and sending money to your friends and family who use Apple Pay. It’s simpler and safer than using a physical card when paying. Aside from these main uses, Apple Pay can also be used to pay for your online gambling transactions. There are online casinos that accept Apple Pay, and if you are curious, check this out.

What online casinos use Apple Pay?

Some of the Apple pay casino deposits sites are 888 Casino, Slots Magic, Omni Slots, 777 Casino, and Leo Vegas. When you use Apply Pay to play on these websites, you can even get bonus amounts and other freebies. Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of online casinos who offer Apple Pay as a deposit method.

Why You Should Use Apple Pay with Online Casinos

Using Apple Pay is the safest way to do your online gambling transactions. Compared to other e-wallets, this is an Apple service that permits you to pay your online casino without exposing the necessary information there is in your card. In simple words, you can pay online without giving the full details of your card to the website. However, remember that you also need to save your debit or credit card in your device before you can use Apple Pay. It’s safer to provide your details to Apple that any other untrusted websites.

How Does Apple Pay Work?

To make your Apple Pay work, you need to save the details of your credit or debit card in the Wallet App of your Apple Device. Once the information is confirmed, you can now use Apple Pay to pay for your physical and online merchandise. It works by utilizing a near-field communication (NFC) chips that are built-in in your Apple devices. When paying to any physical store, hold your device near the card reader of the store. When paying online, you can tap whatever button it is in the checkout section or select Apple Pay as your preferred payment method. Then, you need to go to your Apple device and complete the touch ID to confirm your payment on the website. It’s simple, follow the instructions to avoid errors and payment delays.

Is Apple Pay legal?

Apple Pay is legal and can be trusted as it is from one of the biggest technology companies in the world–Apple, Inc. This firm has been known as a successful and reputable company for so many years and there are no risks associated with using Apple Pay. In case there are any issues with your transaction, you can contact their customer service, who will help you fix the problem. Again, Apple Pay is 100% reliable and safe as it reflects how reputable Apple is.

Is Apple Pay safe?

Apple Pay casinos are incredibly safe to use. Although there are other mobile payment systems and e-wallets you can use, Apple Pay still tops the list because of its features and security measures. So, how safe do you think Apple Pay is? First, Apple Pay does not allow online casinos to access confidential information about the user’s credit or debit cards. There is an attached unique transaction ID when paying to online casinos to keep the card details safe. Next, the transactions made through Apple Pay always get authenticated by Apple’s Touch ID or Face ID. The Face ID feature does not work on devices below iPhone X.

Advantages of using Apple Pay

There are numerous advantages when using Apple Pay. First and foremost, Apple Pay generates a unique transaction ID for every transaction. This allows you to never disclose the information of your card when you use it to pay for your gambling transactions and other online deals. When you use Apple Pay to make a min deposit, it authenticates the transaction by your Apple device’s Touch ID or Face ID. This means that as long as your device has a security feature, your Apple Pay details are secured too. Next, Apple Pay does not levy fees on transactions when it is available to use to make a deposit. Apple Pay also works with different card providers such as Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and JCB. Lastly, Apple Pay deposits take effect instantly, so when you use an online casino, the funds will immediately credit to your account.

Disadvantages of using Apple Pay

While there are a lot of benefits when a casino accept Apple Pay, there are also disadvantages. First, this is only available for users who have Apple devices. If you are using other brands like Android, you won’t be able to utilize the Apple Pay feature of your favorite online casino. Next, there are only a few online casinos that accept Apple Pay as a valid mobile payment. If your preferred online casino has no Apple Pay feature, you will be forced to use other payment or deposit methods. Third, Apple Pay can only be utilized as a deposit method. You cannot use Apple Pay to make withdrawals.
Apple Pay serves a lot of purposes for those who frequently use online casinos and transactions. When choosing your online casino, it’s ideal that you select the one with the safest deposit methods so you won’t have to disclose the confidential information of your cards. Always choose the safest way to do gambling.

Various Slots Payments

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