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Mobile gambling is going to beat the number of players on PCs soon. Small screens allow accessing the favorite casino at any time. Thus, online casinos are developing this segment to attract even more gamblers. That means adapting the games to compact mobile phones, but also allowing the payment process, easy to follow up on phones. More and more casinos are becoming partners of mobile service providers, to allow Pay By Phone billing. The casino will get access to your credits on the provider account or charge money for a deposit from your bank via the provider, not getting the bank details. The method has its own doubtless advantages.

What online casinos use Pay By Phone Bill?

You will likely find many casinos in your area with Pay By Phone Bill Slots. However, in some countries, such as the US, it can be difficult or impossible. In other jurisdictions, the online gambling companies have partnering relationships with mobile service providers, meaning there will be no restriction for depositing with a phone.

Why You Should Use Pay By Phone Bill with Online Casinos

Firstly, it is faster. You need to enter the minimum information for the money to appear instantly on your gambling account. That means you would not need to wait for the bank payment to be processed. You can start playing right after the payment is made.
Secondly, as you do not enter the bank details, it is safer. You do not share such sensitive data with third parties. It is a good option if you decide to play with a casino for the first time and not sure whether you will continue to gamble with it.
Thirdly, it is convenient if you play on your phone, as you don’t have to verify the payment through online banking or similar on your PC. Even when you play with a laptop, the process is the same easy. The phone will be necessary only for an SMS with a verification code.

How Does Pay By Phone Bill Work?

After you signed up in an online casino, you can now deposit by choosing a payment method. Choose ‘pay via phone’ or similar, enter an amount, and your phone number. There is also an option when you can choose your mobile service provider and go through the payment on the website of the provider.
There might be differences in the payment process, depending on your free account type. If you have a contract, the money for the deposit in an online casino will be withdrawn from the credit card linked to the account. However, the casino won’t get the details of the card or your bank account. The billing may also be carried out in the next monthly payment period only. If you have a prepaid card, the provider cannot access your bank account directly, so you need to have a sufficient amount for your deposit on the mobile account already. Be sure to top it up before making payment at a casino. It works the same if a casino is not a partner with mobile service providers and asks only the mobile phone number to make a payment.

Is Pay By Phone Bill legal?

It depends on the jurisdiction. In most of the countries, Pay By Phone Bill Slots is entirely legal. If your chosen casino has partnering relationships with mobile service providers, be sure it is entirely legal. Otherwise, you are recommended to research the legislation in your country. You can also trust the casinos, registered in your country or working under regional legislation, as they will provide payment methods according to the law.

Is Pay By Phone Bill safe?

The main advantage of the Pay by Phone Bill Slots is that a gambler does not provide a casino with banking details. Even if the payment goes from your bank account, it is carried out by a mobile service provider, and you have a contract with. In other cases, the casino can only withdraw credits from your mobile account. That means you will have better control over money, as you also will get billing reports from the provider each month. It will make your bookkeeping much more straightforward.

Advantages of using Pay By Phone Bill

The main category of gamblers to play Pay by Phone Bill Slots is those gambling on mobile phones. You would not need your computer to access your card info, online banking, or online payment system, the same as you do not need your credit card. You can go through the payment process from any device, having only your mobile phone. It is crucial, as you will need an SMS with a verification code to confirm the payment.
The second reason to deposit via your mobile service provider is that your banking data is safe. You provide a casino with necessary personal information only. Then you choose the carrier and proceed with payment. Following instructions, you will make your first deposit either from your credits or your bank card linked to your account at the provider.
Apart from the fact, it is generally the easiest way to top up your account, as you need to fill in less info, it is also a faster way. The payments are processed instantly, allowing you to play from the very moment you press ‘Confirm.’ You won’t wait as it often happens with bank operations.

Disadvantages of using Pay By Phone Bill

As was mentioned above, unfortunately, this payment method is not available in every country. If you have a prepaid card, it won’t be an obstacle to depositing on the gambling website, but you should consider a detail. The provider cannot access your bank card directly if you have a prepaid account, which means the money for the deposit will be charged from the credits you have. So consider topping up your mobile account with sufficient funds first.
So if you live in the bigger half of the world, where gambling and making Pay by Phone bills are legal, Pay By Phone Bill is a safe, fast and convenient way to depositing money and start playing. Quickly proceed with setting up an account and enjoy gambling!

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