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What online casinos use Boku?
Lots of well known online casinos use Boku to accept payments, including Jackpot Jones, Glimmer Casino, Casino.Com, Dazzle Casino, Slots Heaven, and Fruity King, to name just a few. Essentially any legal online casino can use Boku to accept payment and issue casino credit. It has become incredibly popular because of the ease of use.
How does Boku work?
Boku is a mobile payment processing company that allows you to charge digital goods and services to your mobile phone account. You provide your mobile phone number, and Boku will charge the amount to your phone service account.
Is Boku legal to use?
Yes. Boku Slots is simply a payment processing method that legal online casinos use.
Why should you use Boku Slots with online casinos?
With Boku Slots, you don’t have to give your credit or debit card information out, which reduces the chance of fraudulent online use. Also, because Boku has a cap on the amount of funds you may charge weekly, it encourages responsible gambling practices. Instead of repeatedly inputting your credit card information or your bank information, Boku bills your credit to your mobile phone account, with a set amount that can be billed each week.
Is Boku Slots safe to use?
Absolutely. It is more than likely safer than the traditional method of providing your debit or credit card information because, unlike stolen credit and debit card numbers, your mobile phone number can’t be used to charge other goods and services. If a thief gets his hands on the information that you provide to Boku Slots, it is useless to him. He cannot withdraw any money from your checking account. He cannot purchase any extravagant items on your dime.
This means that using the Boku Slot service is an excellent way to ensure that even if your information does somehow get into a stranger’s hands, there is essentially nothing that he can do with that information. Boku Slots uses safety measures on your account to ensure that fraudulent charges are not taking place. Between the safety measures used by Boku Slots, and the lack of financial information being traded to use the Boku Slots service, you are basically in a very low-risk category while using their service to purchase online casino credits.
What are the advantages of using Boku Slots?
It is safer and more secure than other payment methods traditionally used online. It is a quick and secure payment method, requiring just a few moments to set up the account using your mobile number and account information.
Also, using Boku Slots payment service encourages more responsible gambling habits by limiting the amount that may charge weekly. Instead of the ability to charge thousands of dollars at a time for online casino credits, Boku Slots restricts your charge amount to a much more reasonable sum, which in turn assures that a person isn’t gambling outside of their means.
What are the disadvantages of using Boku Slots?
Boku Slots wouldn’t be ideal for high rollers due to the limited funds that can be charged using Boku. Since it is billed to your mobile phone bill, there isn’t a considerable dollar amount that can be charged. Some phone carriers may require you to have a credit amount on your account to charge Boku Slots funds to your account. That is a carrier-specific restriction and is not required by Boku Slots to use their services.
Also, you can not cash out using Boku Slots, so you would need to use another method to do so, such as PayPal. In other words, you can use Boku Slots to charge money, but you cannot use the Boku Slots service to collect any winnings that you may receive. You would need to use another service, one that is compatible with accepting incoming payments, with doing so.
Boku doesn’t support prepaid phone accounts such as Verizon prepaid, Metro PCS, Straight Talk, Cricket, and AT&T prepaid wireless services. If your mobile phone service is through any of these prepaid wireless accounts, you would need to use another service to charge your casino credits for play.

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