Gonzos Quest Slots

Are you tired of finding the right game that will suit your style and preference? This is not something to worry about! If you search the internet for potential great games, you will see a lot of slots games where you can earn and have fun at the same time. This is the case of online players who chose not to leave home and opt for online games to entertain themselves. In case you want to play a game for money seriously, you might want to check out Gonzos Quest Slots as this game has different features that will genuinely excite you. Here are the important details about the game.

About Gonzos Quest Slots

Gonzos Quest Slots is a game developed by NetEnt software company. This software provider is top-rated in terms of providing excellent mobile and video slots on the internet. Once you enter the game, you will be introduced with five reels and 20 pay lines. The theme of this slot game relies on the story of Gonzalo Pizzaro, wherein you will experience traveling to Peruvian ruins and see the stunning atmosphere through the game. NetEnt took the time to create this game, so you experience it like no other.
To play Gonzos Quest Slots, you need to make sure that you are following the four essential reminders. First, you need to set the number of your bets by leveling the +/- buttons. You can use these buttons to adjust your coin value and make changes to your betting range. Next, there is a Maximum Bet option where you can set your maximum bet by clicking the button. Instead of many clicks, you can already use this option to jump to the maximum bet. Third, there is an Autoplay that will work on your behalf. This will automatically spin the reels for multiple times. You have the selection to stop the automatic spinning if you want to end the game. Finally, you can utilize the Spin button option if you are not confident with automation within the game.
When you play Gonzos Quest Slots, the instructions are pretty easy to follow. There is no need for complex descriptions. If you are used to playing mobile slots, you can quickly familiarize yourself with the features of this video slots. Apart from the steps on how to play the game, it’s important to note the perks and wagering requirements of Gonzos Quest Slots as well.

Perks of Gonzos Quest Slots

Included in the perks you can get from Gonzos Quest Slots are its slots features. There are a couple of fascinating features within the game that you will surely love to play with. Let’s set Avalanche Multipliers and Free Fall as an example.
The Avalanche Multipliers can be easily noted within Gonzos Quest Slots. The multipliers are placed above the reels. There are about four multiplier options: x1, x2, x3, and x5. Initially, you will get the x1 multiplier. If you got lucky, you would be awarded the x2 multiplier on the second avalanche. The succeeding avalanches will use higher multipliers. If you keep on playing with this feature, it will be easier for you to use the highest multiplier. This just means that there is a higher chance for you to win more significant cash.
In terms of free fall, Gonzos Quest Slots has three free fall symbols. When you get these symbols, you will be able to obtain ten free falls. The symbols usually show in succession, and it starts from the left reel. There are additional free falls that can be awarded to you. Multipliers range from x3, x6, x9, to x15. The bigger the multiplier, the bigger your earning is.
An addition to the perks you can get when you play Gonzos Quest Slots is the return to player rate. Most players know this RTP. The game has 96% RTP, which is already a good deal because some of its competitor games offer lower prices.

Wagering Requirements

When you play Gonzos Quest Slots, you have to follow specific wagering requirements. The coins per line have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5. The coins’ size has a minimum of 0.01 and a maximum of 0.5. You should always keep this in mind.

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