Play Lobstermania Online

How do you entertain yourself at home? Is watching television still a thing or playing online games are more popular? If you have been on the internet for a while now, you surely have discovered a lot of things to do with this technology. The internet has helped many lives and businesses, including online casinos and slots providers. Today, there are a lot of slots games to play. Just search the internet, and you will be able to peek at hundreds of online slots. To give you one that you will surely enjoy, here’s a review of Lobstermania and its perks.

Play Lobstermania Online

Lobster Mania is taken as a video slot provided by IGT. It is composed of 5 reels and 25 pay lines, and according to some reviews, this game has a sequel. If you have played its sequel before, you would know that IGT was able to produce a game that is well paying and has excellent graphics. Players who are looking for a long and nice play can go to the online website of IGT or their chosen online casinos. There are good wins within the game. All you have to do is to play smart so that you can maximize your earnings.
Lobstermania is a game that was introduced last 2012. The theme used by IGT looks like a series of cartoons that portray the life of Lucky Larry. This character has lobster fishing adventures, and you can easily recognize it when you play Lobstermania online. Apart from the excellent graphics, IGT is pretty good, too, in terms of the sound effects. The sound effects of Lobstermania catch many players. The theme of the game is one of its greatest assets. Also, players are claiming that it’s easy to win in Lobstermania. There are different ways to earn free spins and bonuses when you play.
To set the fire, you have to go to the online casino of IGT or choose the online casino you want. Ensure that you have enough money to gamble if you’re going to play the game. Set your bet amount and start spinning. The Sin button is there for you to manage and control your gambling habits. If you are confident that you are playing only the money you are willing to lose, then you can use the Auto Spin feature. Auto Spin will help you save time and effort from manually clicking the Spin button from the screen.

Perks of Lobstermania

When players are choosing the slot they want to play, the most significant thing they want is the benefit. The amount of benefits plays an essential role in the features of online slots. Luckily, Lobstermania has one of the most rewarding perks on the internet. So, if ever you are looking for a game where you can play freely and win big time, this is a top online slot you should consider. Just imagine how entertaining it is to play a slot with excellent graphics and sounds while earning a massive amount of cash.
You will receive the perks of Lobstermania once you start spinning your reels. There will be wild symbols and Lobster symbols. The wild symbols will allow you to substitute them for other symbols. The Lobster symbols will make you win coins and free spins. With four wild symbols, you can already win 500 coins. With three symbols, you can activate the lobster in yellow features. If you are fortunate, you will win up to 120 euros, and that’s a good deal as better. You will be able to withdraw your winnings if you meet the wagering requirements of the game.
Also, the RTP of Lobstermania is 94.68%. This is fine compared to others with 90-93% rates. However, there are still online slots that can return 95-96%. It’s up to you to choose. You can go for a game with higher RTP, or you can stay with the exceptional and performing Lobstermania without worrying about this rate.

Wagering Requirements of Lobstermania

For as low as one coin per line, you can already enjoy playing Lobstermania. This is the minimum and maximum amount. The coin size can be from 0.01 to 25. The jackpot can be a generous 10,000. More of the wagering requirements are on the terms and conditions section.

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