Tomb Raider Slot Sites

Playing online games reduces stress and gives entertainment to people. These are probably why there are more and more players switching to online gaming today. Well, those people can’t be blamed. It’s enjoyable to spend time at home while earning some cash for pleasure. Gambling has never been this fun, thanks to online casinos and games software providers who are eager to provide online games for people who demand them. If you wish to find the best game that you can play on your mobile phone or PC, let us introduce to you the famous Tomb Raider Slot Sites.
About Tomb Raider Slot Sites
Tomb Raider is considered as a video slot with 15 pay lines. It is developed by the Microgaming software platform and has become one of the successful games on the internet. The theme of this game is no other than the movie Tomb Raider. This has made the game very famous that even the veteran players are switching to this game. This video slot is proof that online players are considering the themes and designs of a slot game when choosing their preferred gaming website. Without a good gaming layout, Tomb Raider could have been a usual mobile slot.
To start playing the Tomb Raider quest, a player must be able to deposit his money in the platform he chose to play with. After that, he can opt for the Tomb Raider slot. To join the game, you should be able to set your bet before it starts spinning. You can choose the minimum, go on an average, or maximize your bet for big potential winnings. After setting the bet amount, you can now start spinning by pressing the Spin button. Pretty easy, isn’t it? If you don’t want to do the spinning manually, there is another for you. You can utilize the Autoplay and Expert functions for uninterrupted plays. These functions will continue to spin the reels unless you automatically stop it. You are free to stop the automatic spinning at any time.
Online players love this slot game because of the nostalgia it can bring. The game has all the potential to become the best online slot on the internet. According to some players, its 15 pay lines are just enough for bigger winnings, unlike other online slots with more pay lines. This is a unique part of Microgaming Software. The company can produce games that are not only entertaining but paying well too.
Perks of Tomb Raider Slots Sites
If you are looking for perks, you will get it from Tomb Raider Slots Sites. You can get free spins and bonuses for playing Tomb Raider with the main character, Lara Croft. What you have to do is to find three or more symbols of Lara Croft that will appear anytime on your screen. You will be awarded ten free spins, which can be tripled. Free spins are also possible for re-triggering if you can get three or up scatters when you play the free spin feature. It seems like free spins can help you recover the losses you will be incurring.
Apart from the free spins, let’s not forget about the bonus game. There are bonus symbols that will take you to the Tomb Bonus round. If you find three or up bonus symbols, especially on active pay lines, you will be able to play the bonus game. You will have a chance to choose from the 12 idols on the screen so you can see your winnings. Three idols are equivalent to up to 1,500 bonus points, four idols for up to 2,000 bonus points, and five idols are for 2,500 bonus points.
Moreover, this online game is giving one of the highest RTP in the online gaming industry: 96.5%.
Wagering Requirements of Tomb Raider Slots Sites
The wagering requirements of Tomb Raider Slots Sites include the minimum and maximum coins per line of 1 and 5, respectively, minimum and maximum coins size of 0.05 and 2, respectively. You will know more about these requirements when you enter the game. Make sure to be knowledgable of the rules and regulations of the game to avoid any confusion.

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