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Online games are one of the convenient ways to entertain yourself. Many people are now signing up for accounts in online casinos rather than going to casinos physically. Of course, we can’t just disregard physical casinos as they are the origin of the gambling sites we know. However, since some don’t want to leave their homes anymore, gambling is made easy with the internet. Within online casinos, you will find thousands of games in different categories. This is the right thing about online gambling sites. There are a variety of options for players. No need to stick with just one game. Developers of these games are evolving too. One of the most famous online is Eyecon Software.

What is the Eyecon Software?

Eyecon Games is a company that originated in Brisbane, Australia. This company focused on providing online and land-based games to different clients, including online casinos. Today, Eyecon has more than 100 slot machines, and many of them possess 3D animations and superb features. Apart from slot games, it can also develop bingo games and other casino games. Since the world is evolving and the internet is encouraging more players to play online, Eyecon has transitioned to mobile optimization. Now, you don’t have to own a desktop to play its games. You can use mobile phones too, regardless of the operating system you are using.

Eyecon Software Review

When looking for a game developer, it’s important to note that security and safety is one of the top priorities. Players are entrusting their data to online casinos. Some will even get your credit/debit card details. If this is the case, you have to make sure that your online casino has solid security to store your information. One good thing about Eyecon is that it runs by strong jurisdiction. Australia is keen on checking whether the gambling site follows the standard requirements. So, you can rest assured that playing the games of Eyecon is safe for you.
If you are curious about the jurisdictions, Eyecon is regulated by Gibraltar Gambling Commission in Gibraltar, Alderney Gambling Control Commission in Alderney, Malta Gaming Authority in Malta, and the United Kingdon Gambling Commission in the UK. Because Eyecon complies with all the required standards of these commissions, it’s proof that the software company takes this industry seriously. As a player, you should be able to know the licenses and permits of the game if you don’t want to harm your data privacy.
Another good thing about Eyecon is that it offers four distinctive gaming platforms: Maroon, FIRE, Cootha, and Toohey. Maroon is its online gaming platform with payment processing. FIRE is the one giving out progressive jackpots, live games, and casino games. Cootha is the engine of the software that provides branded slots from other parties. Lastly, Toohey is a sports engine that helps the company deliver real-time and in-game odds. If you notice, all of these platforms are beneficial to online casinos for diversity and variety. Moreover, the tools used by this company are similar to C++ so that the games will be available on mobile, Flash, and other downloadable formats.


The most significant perks of this software are mobile games. Not all software can give you the chance to play casino games using your mobile. But, with Eyecon, you can easily access all the games on your device so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of opening your PC or laptop. Some of the mobile games include Fluffy Space, Vlad’s Castle, Crystal Lotus, and Pigs Feast.
Under the perks section, Eyecon gives generous bonuses. For instance, there are games developed that give scattered and wild symbols plus different bonus rounds. Its Gamble Feature allows players to place high bets so that the winnings can be doubled. There are also progressive jackpots within the slot games category. The welcome and deposit bonuses are also given to players who just signed up for an account.
Wagering Requirement
The wagering requirement of this software is not complicated, but every game or online casino has different terms and conditions. You can play for as low as £1, or you can increase the amount if you are a risky wager.

Slots Software Type

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