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Have you ever wondered where the games you play online are coming from? Have you ever tried to discover if online casinos are capable of building their own designed games? Well, some of the players do that. In case you haven’t found out for yourself, online casinos are seeking the help of software providers so they can offer you the best online games ever. There are famous and new providers in the market, so the quality of games may vary. One of the famous players on the internet is Parlay Gaming Software. This company will be introduced to you further in this review.

About Parlay Gaming Software

Parlay Gaming Software has been operating for two decades now. That means 20 years of providing games to its bingo sites and other casino operators. Just imagine the length of its experience and the age of the company. There is no surprise if you will get to experience an exceptional play while using their games. What the company offers is a simple yet advanced bingo interface. They also provide live bingo for those who want to take their gambling experience to the next level. Sounds fascinating? Parlay Gaming has more in store for players.
This company has been known for top-rated bingo offerings. But since it’s becoming more flexible, innovative, and creative, it can now cover other ranges of services such as providing slots, lotto, and casino games. Parlay Gaming is not just a bingo game provider anymore. It has grown into a trustworthy company that it can now produce more varieties of online games. To better connect with Parlay, you can try signing up on Bingo Britain and The Palaces Bingo, where it displays a lot of bingo games and slots that will surely pre-occupy your mind.
Parlay Gaming Software is a company that was founded in 1998 in Burlington, Canada. This was one of the oldest developers in the online bingo industry around the world. What Parlay Gaming is trying to achieve is creating bingo games that will deliver an experience like when you are playing land-based bingo. It recreates its products to make them incomparable to today’s creations of other software providers online. Previously, the company only offers 90 balls and 75 balls, but today, you can already play with 80 balls bingo. It’s incredible to hear that Parlay is uniquely working and climbing its ladder to success.
One of the most significant features of Parlay Gaming is the use of HTML5 to create its products. You can be assured that the games it produces don’t buffer. The quality of the visuals, backgrounds, and themes is excellent as well compared to other games that were made from previous HTML versions. This means that the games are flexible and optimizable for mobile use. Even if you choose to play on a PC or mobile, you can easily switch to the device of your choice. Constant players get to experience this, and if you are a new man in the online gaming market, this is one of the considerations you should take into account.

Perks of Parlay Gaming

Looking for perks? Parlay Gaming has a lot of useful ways that give perks to a player like you. If you play on Bingo Britain, you will receive a great community feeling, an excellent 24/7 customer service, and access to a practice room where you can improve your bingo skills before you play the actual game. You will be welcomed with freebies, bonuses, and free spins when you sign up as a member.
On the other hand, The Palaces Bingo can provide a friendly ambiance for you. This is where you can play the games created by Parlay Gaming. There are deposit matches, free deposit bonuses, and free spins when you enter the site. The perks of Parlay Gaming depends on each game you play. To win real money without depositing a significant amount, make sure to choose a game with big bonuses.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements of Parlay Gaming are dependent on the games played by players. Most of the time, you will be asked to wager your free bonuses and bet the minimum so you can enjoy a payout. The T&C page usually entails the wagering requirement, so make sure to go to that page.

Slots Software Type

Here is a list of all the various slots software available to play: