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The number of software providers is now increasing. Many companies and individuals are showing interest in providing more games in the online gaming industry. In the UK, there are a lot of betting sites, online casinos, and online bingo that are competing to become the leader in the market. The competition can’t be avoided. What online gambling sites need to do is to look for ways to get ahead of their rivals. So, some of them are partnering with software providers who are known to deliver exception online games. One of them is Proprietary Gaming Software. Let’s take a peek at what this software company can do.

About Proprietary Gaming Software

Proprietary Gaming Software is a player in the online market. It is one of the software providers in the region that offer exceptional online slots and games to many casino operators. As the name suggests, Proprietary Gaming is focused on providing customers a unique online gaming experience. The games it creates can’t be found on some online casino platforms. It doesn’t work like other providers who make a network system that gathers all the creation of other software. Players will undoubtedly find original and one-of-a-kind games through this gaming software.
So, what does Proprietary Gaming Software have that others don’t? First and foremost, Proprietary gaming promises a wide range of unique and original game creations. Their games are not spread out on poor casino or bingo sites. Only this company has the right to use and offer the games they create. If you are a player and you want exclusive access to the sets of Proprietary Gaming, you would need to find their platform and become a member of it. Don’t worry. There is a guarantee that you will enjoy every game on the platform.
Next, Proprietary Gaming Software has exclusive players, and only a few of the population can access their games and sites. This means that there is a higher chance for you to win its perks and surprises. If you are playing for real money, there is a stronger possibility for you to get the big prize. You will only need to compete with a smaller crowd of online casino players. Isn’t that exciting? Fewer players mean more chances of getting what you are aiming for. In addition to this, the gaming software offers lucrative incentives that you won’t find on any other gaming website.
Some of the top games offered by Proprietary Gaming Software are Pulse, Masters of Fortune, Cat and Mouse, and Bingo Lite. Pulse can be played using the standard bingo ticket. Your numbers will be written on bubbles. To mark off the name, bubbles will automatically pop. The ticket fee you need to bet here is £2.
Master of Fortune is a good slot game that can be accessed through PocketWin Casino. This game offers big progressive jackpots, and players will continue to play until the pot is claimed. After the last value is claimed, the game will accumulate an amount again to produce another jackpot prize.
Cat and Mouse is a reel game that works by merely spinning. You can play this via MFortune. Turning the reels are fun, especially if you can get big wins and bonuses.
Finally, Bingo Lite can be played on the Tombola Platform. It is a bingo game that is fast-paced. There is also a progressive jackpot here, so if you want to win big, you might want to try this game.

Perks of Proprietary Gaming Software

One of the biggest perks you can get from this software provider is exclusiveness. You will get access to its unique creation, and you have higher chances of getting big wins. Progressive jackpots are also a plus. Once you play a game that has a large mega jackpot, you will never leave the site again. Of course, there are welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and free spins if you sign up as a member of the websites it is serving.

Wagering Requirements

Proprietary Gaming Software has a variety of wagering requirements. All the needed steps and conditions are set out on its terms. Before a player plays the game, he/she is advised to read the full terms and conditions first.

Slots Software Type

Here is a list of all the various slots software available to play: