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Online games won’t be made without developers and software. If you are frequently playing online casinos, you will know what it feels like to play a game with excellent visuals and graphics. Online casinos are now getting an upgrade. Almost all games are created with useful features and interfaces. It will be such as disappointment if these gambling sites will stick to the old graphics now that players are demanding more responsive games. If you are curious about who makes the slot and table games on online casinos, there are a lot of brains behind it. One of which is Yggdrasil Software.

What is Yggdrasil Software?

Yggdrasil Gaming is a new player in the market. Since its establishment in 2013, it has gained popularity in the gambling industry. This provider is continuously expanding, and more and more players love the games. This software was built by Frederik Elmqvist, who was a former CEO of NetEnt.
The first video slot developed by Yggdrasil Software was Jokerrizer. If you are familiar with it, you are lucky that you got to experience its first-ever online game. It was launched in November 2013 and was nominated as the “Game of the Year.” Truly, Yggdrasil made an excellent debut during the year it was introduced.

Yggdrasil Software Review

The slot games of Yggdrasil are very noticeable. It gives players an outstanding gaming experience. It uses contemporary designs that make the whole experience fabulous. The background music is also high-quality. This makes players think that they are inside an upgraded gaming site rather than just a simple online gambling place. All of the slot games may look familiar when you play. But, rest assured that every game is designed to give you a unique concept. Yggdrasil’s developers innovatively make every masterpiece within this game.
Among the slot games that stand out are Double Dragons. It stores a variety of unique features, including failing symbols and stacked wilds. If you try to explore more on this category, you will also love the Big Blox and the Legend of the White Snake Lady. Everything that you should look for when playing slot games are here.
Another unusual step for Yggdrasil is its launching of Jokerizer, which took place last 2013. After that, the Joker Millions was introduced as part of its video slots. As you can observe, the software is genuinely dedicated to giving progressive video slots to players. After Jokerizer, Joker Millions took a hit in the market because of its fantastic designs and generous features. If players continue to play this game, they will earn significant amounts of money. One good example of this scenario happened last September 2015, wherein Joker Millions gave out £720,000 progressive jackpot. Sounds interesting? This is followed by the release of the second jackpot worth £460,000 last December 2015. Knowing that this software is generously giving these amounts as prizes, there is no doubt players are jumping from other sites to online casinos with Yggdrasil games.
Also, the gaming platform itself is superb. One reason why players love this software is because of its continuous innovations. Just recently, the software launches its Infinite API, Free Spins, and iSense 2.0. What the Super Free Spins can do is to give unlimited numbers of free spins to users. The Infinite API, on the other hand, is focused on gamification so that it can encourage player engagement. Finally, the iSense 2.0 serves as a refining touch so that players can enjoy desktop and mobile gaming at the same time.


One word that can best describe Yggdrasil Software is generosity. Let’s go back to its progressing video games. This is one of the perks of this game software. Not everyone can give out that amount of money. Not every developer can make games that generously give progressive prizes. Another perk of Yggdrasil is its ability to give out bonuses and free spins. You will like its games because of this one.
Wagering Requirement
The wagering requirements vary per online casino and online game. You have to understand that the minimum or maximum bets are not the same, but they are all subject to the terms and conditions of the software.

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